How Can I Get Free Satellite TV Service?

By Quinten Metatron Plummer

  • Overview

    Using a satellite receiver and dish to receive free to air (FTA) allows you to pick up satellite programming from around the world but without the need for a subscription. FTA can be thought of as picking up local stations with an antenna--except with FTA satellite, you can receive global broadcasts. Armed with just an unlocked dish, receiver and your TV, you can take advantage of unscrambled FTA signals today.
    How Can I Get Free Satellite TV Service?
    • Step 1

      Purchase the necessary components of a "Free to Air" satellite setup either online or locally at a pawn shop or a thrift store. You'll want good outdoor coax cable to run from the dish outside to the receiver inside--good coax cables can be purchased at your local electronics store.
    • Step 2

      Find a location to set up the dish where there are no obstructions, like trees or buildings, between the dish and the open sky. Use the dish installation kit, included with the dish, to mount your dish.
    • Step 3

      Run some coax cable from the "LNB Out" port on the dish outside to the "Sat In" port on the back of your receiver inside your house. The coax cable heads will screw onto the ports in a clockwise motion.
    • Step 4

      Run your choice of audio/video cables from the receiver to your television--like coax, component or hdmi cable. Run your cable from its labeled "Out" ports--for example, coax cables should be connected to the "Coax Out" port on the receiver while a component cable should be connected to the "Component Out" port.
    • Step 5

      Disconnect the coax cable head that is connected to the dish's LNB. Attach the signal finder to the port via a small piece of coax between the devices, and then power on the signal finder.
    • Step 6

      Rotate and skew the dish. Watch as the signal rises and falls on the meter. Lock onto to a satellite's location by peaking out the signal. After aligning the dish, remove the signal finder from the LNB and reconnect cable running to the receiver.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • FTA receiver
    • FTA dish
    • Satellite signal finder
    • Coax cable

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