Can You Save Money With Do-It-Yourself Roof Repair?

Can you save money with do-it-yourself roof repair? Most roof repairs require a professional, but there are things a homeowner can do to prolong the life of their roof and some simple repairs that they can undertake such as replacing missing tiles or repairing loose tiles.

Lanay Hebert, who owns Allied Roofing in Austin, says you can save money on labor costs by performing do-it-yourself roof repairs. But she advises that because of the expertise needed and the warranties that a professional roofer can offer, hiring a professional is well worth the extra cost.

Re-roofing an entire house can be a huge project and involves the ability to measure your roof to estimate the materials needed, determining the slope, having appropriate tools and ladders, and spending a large amount of time climbing around the roof.

However, roof maintenance and small repairs are definitely in the range of ability for the average do-it-yourselfer. Cleaning your gutters is a good place to start. Gutters allow water to drain off your roof, which prevents pooling water that can cause major damage. Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year or more if you have lots of trees near your house or after major storms. You should also check your gutters for leaks as this can lead to stains on your siding or water damage to your home's foundation. You can use silicone rubber caulking to seal any leaks at the joints or seams of your gutter system. Patches are available to repair holes or rusted areas. Trimming back trees near your home is also another important part of gutter maintenance.

To clean your gutters you'll need a ladder that reaches a couple of feet above the gutter line and a broom. You'll use the broom to sweep the leaves and twigs from the gutter and then remove them into a bucket or pail. This is also a good time to remove any other debris that may be littering your roof's surface and preventing proper drainage. You may even want to install a leaf strainer in your downspouts or cover the entire gutter system with mesh screening, which you can buy at your local hardware or home improvement store.

Preventative maintenance is the best thing you can do to avoid costly roof repairs. You should regularly inspect your roof for debris, missing shingles, moss, and other minor problems. If you do find moss or algae on your roof, you can correct this problem with zinc control strips. Any loose shingles should be repaired with roof cement. Also be sure to check your flashings or joints for holes or deterioration.

If you do need to replace a few shingles, doing it yourself makes sense because roofing companies are often not willing to take on small jobs. You'll also save the cost of labor that a handyman technician would charge. The first step is to assemble the needed materials including shingles that match your existing ones, roofing cement, nails, a hammer, pry bar, putty knife, a good ladder, and rubber-soled shoes. Try to choose a cool and dry time of day to perform roof repairs to avoid overheating in the hot sun.

Performing roof maintenance and small repairs are something that every homeowner can do to save money and prolong the life of their roof.

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