How Can SBA Help With Marketing?

How can SBA help with marketing? SBA business counselors and training can help you with the marketing part of your business plan. SBA (Small Business Association) has resources such as small business development...

SBA (Small Business Association) has resources such as small business development centers and women's business centers. Each of those has business counselors and training available on specific topics such as your marketing plan. SBA also has the Veteran Entrepreneurial Community with a lot of special programs for Veterans. It has helped those called to Iraq to know how to handle their business in their absence. If someone is called up for six months, someone else has to mind their store both literally and figuratively. SBA can help you develop a business plan or a succession plan to assist you while you are gone.

Going global with an international business is very much an option now for small businesses. A website is certainly one way. It offers both challenges and opportunities. We have an office of international trade here at SBA (Small Business Association). Their express purpose is to assist small businesses in the global market place with different kinds of loan programs, training, and counseling

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