How Can I Start A Home Based Business

Small office/home offices -- SOHOs as they are commonly known -- have been popping up all over the US and in most countries.

Before the Industrial Revolution, most people worked from home. Today, the Technological Revolution is bringing them back home again. Small office/home offices -- SOHOs as they are commonly known -- have been popping up all over the US and in most countries.

The idea of working right at home has become even more appealing than corporate offices to most career people. Why wouldn't it? If you were faced with the option between working in an office and working right at home in this day and age, you would, in all likelihood, opt to work from home.

No more dashing off to the office and braving the traffic every morning and being tied to a 9 to 5 job. You won't have to wait for your work hours to finish even though you don't have anything to do anymore. For business-minded people, setting up offices right in their homes greatly reduces huge overheads in office space rentals.

One of the greatest advantages of working from home is that people are in charge, have better opportunity to manage their work hours and get more things done. However, just as there are many successful work-at-home businesses, there are also those that fail in this type of work set-up. One reason is that most homeworkers fail to keep home and office separate.

So what do you do so you can successfully work from home?

THIS IS YOUR WORK SPACE! Define your work space. Use a separate room or put a partition. If you have a spare room, you can use that as your office. If one of your rooms is wide enough to accommodate your office desk and other work paraphernalia, us screens, partitions or dividers. The important thing is for you to draw a line between your home and work spaces.

GET ORGANIZED! Now, once you have your separate room, start getting it organized. Make it a workable place. Have a shelf or a corner of the the room as a place to store your office materials, paper and pieces of equipment. Have a place or folder to put your important documents and files.

OUT, NOISE, OUT! When you work, keep the door closed! It's your work time so don't entertain domestic interruptions, unless it is an emergency. You should let your family know about your work hours and make them understand that you will implement a closed-door policy while you work. If your office is a divided part of a bigger room, keep the whole room quiet as possible so you can concentrate. Ask your teenage son or daughter not to play loud music while you work.

TOTAL PRIVACY! If you want total privacy, set up a separate outside office area, and lock the door every time you work!

DON'T DISTURB ME! Hang a sign on your door such as "Do not disturb!" or "I'm working, so scram!" or "Come back after my office hours!" Learn to say "No" when a friend drops by and asks you to come with her to a trip to the grocery or have a few beers with him at the local bar.

BUSINESS HOURS! Set definite work or business hours and stick this schedule! Make people know what time you are available for work and what time you can engage in personal activities.

PUT THOSE GADGETS TO USE! You didn't purchase a phone unit and not use it to record messages. If you're not careful, prolonged and frequent phone calls that are not even related to the project use up so much of your working hours and will result to backlogs and general unproductiveness. So use your phone's voice mail functions. Use your fax to send and resend documents.

Use these tips and apply them to your own work-at-home set-up and you will be a success!

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