Where Can You Use An Easy Track System?

Where can you use an Easy Track System? Easy Track systems can be used anywhere there is a wall to organize any space in your home like drawers, closets, garages and pantries. Easy Track can be used basically...

Easy Track can be used basically anywhere in the house that you need some extra shelves or storage. We see a lot of them used in laundry rooms, transition areas, and mudrooms. A lot of pantries just need some shelving. Easy Track is mainly designed for closets, but you can just use shelves and not use the rods. You can use it in a pantry and it is just as effective at keeping things off the floor and you don't have to worry about being able to clean underneath it.

You may have seen it done in basements where you just want some extra storage for those bulk items you buy at Costco or Sam's Club. You need a place for those things that you have down there. Some people make entertainment centers out of the easy track system because they want something to put a TV on, but they did not want a big piece of furniture. They just used the easy track rail with some vertical panel and some shelves to hold a TV and accessories. It can be used anywhere there is a wall.

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