How to Cancel Truecredit

By Amanda Morin

  • Overview

    TransUnion's Truecredit service can be truly helpful if you are trying to monitor your credit report. The service promises unlimited access to your credit report, free credit monitoring, analytical tools and a 30-day free trial. If you get all you need from it within that time frame, since the service works on what is known as a "negative sell," you'll need to cancel your account before the trial period expires. Though some people have found this to be easier said than done, when you know the right approach, you can cancel Truecredit with minimal difficulty.
    How to Cancel Truecredit
    How to Cancel Truecredit
    • Step 1

      Locate your confirmation email or any other email you may have received regarding your TrueCredit account. Read it thoroughly. Specifically, you are looking for a link that says something like "Click here for instructions about canceling your account." Unfortunately, TrueCredit does not have an online opt-out, but the link will bring you to a web page that is unlikely to come up in a regular web search.
    • Step 2

      Call TrueCredit to cancel your account at least 5 business days before your free trial is going to roll over, or before the next billing period begins. That way, even if you run into any snags along the way, you've given the system some lag time to process your cancellation before your credit card gets charged. TrueCredit can be reached at (800) 493-2392.

    • Step 3

      Be persistent. Like any other "negative sell" service, TrueCredit only makes money if you don't cancel your account, so they won't make it easy to do so. Once you reach the voicemail system, press 1 (for English) and 2 to cancel your service. If the connection drops or you end up in a voice-system loop, press 0 to reach an operator. If that still doesn't work, hang up, call back and don't press any buttons. This should default to a live person.
    • Step 4

      Tell the operator you want to cancel your TrueCredit account. Be prepared to listen to a spiel about how beneficial the service is, and questions about why you want to cancel. Be firm, but not rude, using phrases like "Thank you, but all I wish to do is cancel my account." or "I don't wish to discuss my reasons, please cancel this account."
    • Step 5

      Ask for a cancellation confirmation number over the phone, and ask that verification of cancellation be emailed to the address associated with the account.
    • Step 6

      Monitor your credit-card statement to ensure that TrueCredit did not charge you. If they did, immediately call your credit-card service to dispute the charge. Then contact TrueCredit with your cancellation number in hand to request that the charge be reversed.
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    • Tip: If you cannot get a positive response from the associate on the phone or he continues to try to sell you, ask to speak to a supervisor.
    • Tip: Many web-based email providers have an embedded search bar, as do most email clients. If you can't readily find e the email, use search terms like "TransUnion," "TrueCredit" or the more generic "credit monitoring" or "credit alert."
    • Warning:
    • A "negative sell" service relies on customers providing billing information up front during a free trial, then neglecting to cancel the service. At that time, the credit card is charged a full membership fee, as outlined in the Terms of Use.

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