Candle Making Instructions

Candle making instructions. How can you make candles using material around your home.

If you are like me, you love candles. Find myself going to the store and admiring the shape, sizes, color, and scents of all the candles. The main purpose of candles is for decoration. The downside of candles is that they can be expensive. You can make candles yourself. Candle Making is a fun and easy activity you can do by yourself or with your family.

Before you make your candles, gather the supplies and tools necessary to make them. You can find these materials in your supermarket, retail stores, and craft stores. Here is a list of supplies:

* Wax. You can find this at any store. The best wax for beginners is paraffin wax, which can be found near then canning supplies in your grocery store.

* Stearine. You can find this in any craft store with a candle section.

* Dye. You can also find this is any craft store. You can also use dye designed for soapmaking.

* Scents. Same as above.

* Wicks. You can find these at any craft store near the candle supplies. Buy wax coated wicks for easy burning.

* Thermometer

* Double Boiler

* Wooden Spoon

* Vegetable Oil

* Pot Holders

* Molds. You can also find these in any craft store. You can also use household items.

Now that you have gather your supplies, you are now ready to prepare your candles.

* First, put water in the bottom portion of your double boiler. Then proceed to boil the water.

* Second, break wax into chunks and place in the double boiler. Then proceed to melt.

* Third, place stearine into the wax. This will make the wax darker and harder when it cools. The rule of thumb is three tablespoons per pound.

* Fourth, coat your mold with vegetable oil. This will make it easier to remove from the mold once hardened. Also tie your wick to a stick or silverware and place wick in the mold.

* Fifth, When the wax reaches a temperature of around 140 degrees Fahrenheit place the dye and/or scent. A cheap alternative to dye is crayons. This step can be skipped if desired.

* Sixth, Pour wax into mold. Allow wax to cool. When the wax cools it will separate from the sides of the container and harden. To speed up this process place in the refrigerator.

* Seventh, enjoy. Your candle is now ready to use.

When deciding the shape of your mold don't limit yourself to what you find in your craft department. Use your imagination. You can use many of the items in your household as a mold. Choose any contain that has a wide opening and can handle hot temperature. For example, use a milk container with the top cut off, bowls, or cups.

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