Canning Techniques For Fruits And Vegetables

If you are looking for canning techniques, you have come to the right place. Do not be intimidated, the rewards of fresh, home-grown produce and the sacrifice involved is worth it.

It is often heard that people are scared to learn to can. They seem to have a fear of messing up or not being able to succeed. Never fear, there are some easy tips and steps involved to make canning your favorite fruits and vegetables quite easy.

If you have a garden with your own fresh produce you are already off to a great start. No one wants to waste the produce they have grown. Canning it is the answer to getting the freshest and tastiest results.

First you need to invest in a canner. There is the basic large stock-pot with the canner attached inside or there is a pressure canner available as well. For the first timer the basic version is eaisest.

Take your fruit and vegetables and prepare according to the recipe instructions. You may be making sauces, preserves or just canning the fruits or vegetables as is. Make sure you have plently of jars with seals and lids that are cleaned and sterlized.

After the recipes are prepared and the jars are cleaned, fill with the contents. You must always leave around 1/4" headspace for expansion. If any of the contents spill onto the rim it is imperitive to wipe away clean. If anything is left on the rim you will not get a good seal.

Next, fill your canner with hot water to the top so as to cover the jars. Make sure to get a good rolling boil before dropping jars in the holder. Let boil in water bath as long as recipe indicates. Remove from canner with care, the jars will be very hot. You must give the jars time to cool down to see if they will be sealed. If you find that some are not sealed by touching the top and it pops, the safest thing to do is to take off the lid and wipe it down and start over. It is possible that the jars either had residue on the rim or did not have a long enough water bath.

After these steps are completed and all the jars are sealed, you will most likely find that is was not as hard as you had imagined. It is also quite rewarding to see what you have accomplished. The benefits of canning are the freshness, the money saved and most certainly the satisfaction.

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