Canning Tips

Canning is a wonderful way to preserve your fruits and vegetables. With a few safe, easy tips to follow the experience is delightful.

It is certainly convenient enough to buy already prepared items from the supermarket. But imagine the pride you will feel by preparing your own home cooked jams, jellies, relishes, and pickles.

If all is prepared properly it can be basically easy. It's truly rewarding to realize that all the work and love you put into it will be shared with your family and friends. Don't forget there is also a market for these homemade treats because they are absolutely delicious. To make it even better, these can be created with fruits and vegetables right from your own backyard and garden. So, if you have a green thumb and have an ambition for homegrown fruits and vegetables, using them for canning has an additional reward.

Organization is extremely important when getting srarted. To begin with the basics there are a few simple tips to follow to ensure absolute success.

Having canned for many years, I recommend that you check your jars thoroughly for cracks or chips. Make sure your jars are properly sterilized and ready for use.

Tools you will need for this project are canning jars, a lip-ladle for pouring, a canning pot, canning tongs for removing jars, and terry cloth towels.

Make sure you have read the recipe completely and have all required items. Some recipes are prepared a day ahead of time to allow the ingredients to soak in their own natural flavors and juices

Once recipe is prepared pour in jars with your lip-ladle. Make sure to leave enough head space,which is about 1 inch from the top of the jar. Make sure the lids are placed on tightly and securely.

Gather all your utensils and equipment together. Set towels out to receive the jars upon removal from canning pot with the canning tongs. Do not set them directly on the counter surface, to do so may cause breakage or cracks in jars because of the sudden temperature change.

This is real important, make sure you listen for the lids to pop as they cool. Once the lid has popped on the canning jar, it is a sign that your food has sealed properly and it can be stored for safe keeping.

Once you follow these simple steps and technique you will take pleasure in canning your own fruits and vegetables. You will definitely feel all the effort was worthwhile when you take that first bite! The indescribable way the flavors ignite and explode in estasy on your tongue. But, the best part is to look around the table and see your family enjoying the fruits of your labor, smiling as if to say, "thank you", and you will have no doubt that they will love you for it.

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