Can't Fall Asleep? Different Ways To Try To Go To Sleep.

Having trouble falling to sleep at night? Here are some different tricks, home remedies and ideas to make sure you get a full night's rest.

Some people are sound asleep before their head even hits the pillow. And then there are those people who lie awake in bed for hours trying desperately to fall to sleep to no avail. For these people, here are a few ideas on how you can get a good night's rest.

* Ever heard that old wive's tale about drinking a glass of warm milk to get to sleep quicker? Who knew it was actually true? Scientific research has proven that milk that has been warmed contains an amino acid that sends a signal to the brain to enhance sleep. So get out that carton of milk and the saucepan and get to work.

* One main contributor to insomnia is the lack of a bedtime routine. A person may go to bed at 10:30 one night and then not even get to bed until midnight the next night; and then they wonder why they can't go to sleep right away. Get yourself on some kind of regular sleep routine which allows for a full night's rest and stick to it.

* Many people like to create a haven, of sorts, in their bedroom, complete with wide screen television and sound system. If you have trouble sleeping, make your bedroom a room that is used only for sleeping. In other words, if you do have a television in the room, try not to make the bedroom your primary spot for watching television. Do not go to sleep with the television or stereo on. If you still have trouble getting to sleep, leave the bedroom. Do not lie in bed tossing and turning. Do something that relaxes you like playing with your cat or playing a game of solitaire on the computer. When you feel relaxed, then go back to your bedroom and try to go to sleep again. You do not want to know your bedroom as the place where you have trouble sleeping.

* Make sure your bedroom has minimal noise and light in it. If your bedroom faces the bright streetlight outside, put up a heavy curtain or move your bedroom to a different room of the house.

* Try to avoid frequent naps during the day. Make sure you sleep only when you are actually tired. Do not force yourself to go to bed.

* Maintaining a well-balanced healthy diet and getting regular exercise are ways to promote better sleeping habits. However, try not to exercise anytime within four hours of going to sleep. So, if your sleep time is at 10, make sure you have completed your daily exercises before 6 pm that day.

* Keeping your bedroom cooler at night, as opposed to warmer, will help promote sleep.

* Before going to bed, avoid drinking too many liquids (so you do not have to keep waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom), avoid caffeine within four to six hours of going to bed (caffeine is a stimulant that will keep you awake), avoid heavy meals right before going to bed and also avoid alcohol right before bed time (alcohol will give you interrupted sleep).

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