Car Anti Theft Prevention

Find out how you can help to prevent your car from being stolen by following the advice in this article.

Car theft is a worldwide crime that affects not only the car's owners,but it also raises insurance rates for everyone who owns an insured vehicle. You can help to prevent your car, truck or van from being stolen by following these simple tips:

Tip Number One- Never ever hide your keys in your car. This means removing the keys from above the sunvisor, from underneath the seat, from under the floor mat, and from any other places you currently hide them inyour car. Criminals are lawbreakers, but they are not stupid. Any spot that you may consider to be a safe place to hide your keys has already been thought of by a number of car thieves lurking around.

Tip Number Two- Always park your car with the windows closed and the doors locked, no matter where you may park it. This would be a good idea to follow even if you park your car in a locked garage. The harder it is for a thief to steal your car, the better your chances are at keeping what belongs to you!

Tip Number Three- Never leave valuables in your car. If you absolutely must have something valuable in your car, such as packages from a shopping trip you have just made, then don't leave them out in the open. Cover any valuables up with a coat, blanket, or other suitable camoflouge.

Tip Number Four- If your car doesn't have one, install a mechanical burglar deterrent or an electronic burglar alarm.An example of a mechanical deterrent would be an item on the market which is called "The Club." This is a bar that locks over your steering wheel so that the car cannot be driven. There are many types of electronic burglar alarms as well as electronic deterrents on the market today that you can choose from. Some systems disable the ignition switch or the gas pedal from working.

Tip Number Five- Always park your car in areas that are well-lit at night. Avoid leaving your car in areas that are known to be high-crime areas, yet avoid parking your car in places that are desolate and not traveled much. If applicable, choose a parking lot that has an attendant rather than an unattended lot, if all possible.

Tip Number Six- Do not leave your car running at any time unless you are in the driver's seat. Thefts can and do occur easily when people leave their cars running. This can happen at a gas station, grocery store, ormost anywhere you might leave your car running for even a minute. This can even happen in your own driveway. You can be inside waiting for your car to warm up on a cold winter's day and a thief can take it. When you get out of your car, make sure the keys are in your hand and not somewhere, such as in the ignition, where a car thief can easily get ahold of them.

Tip Number Seven- Make sure your key ring does not have your car's license number, your name, or address, or the description of your car listed on it somewhere. When you get your car repaired, and give the mechanic a key to the ignition, they normally make your keys and put them on a key ring. People go ahead and use these marked key rings without realizing that if their keys are lost or stolen, it could give a thief an easier way to find the car that the keys belong to!

By following these tips, you can drastically reduce the chances of your car being ripped off.

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