Car Audio Buyers Guides: All About Kenwood Car Audio

Kenwood products have repeatedly set the benchmark for performance, innovation and reliability for years.

Kenwood products have repeatedly set the benchmark for performance, innovation and reliability for years. Kenwood strives to produce products that will not be obsolete in the near future as well as products that the consumer will be proud to own. Kenwood is also always looking toward the future and keeping its products up-to-date with the latest technology without the consumer having to worry about their entertainment gear being up-to-date. This concept is what Kenwood calls "˜Future Ready/Already'.

Kenwood has always been Future Ready/Already even in the beginnings of the Kenwood Company. The Kenwood Company began by designing and manufacturing Japan's first FM tuner and solid-state amplifier. After the FM tuner, the company built the most popular stereo receiver ever to sell in the United States. In 1981, Kenwood invented the world's first audio/video amplifier and audio/video system, many years before other companies would come out with home theater products like them. Kenwood kept the invention streak rolling with the introduction of the first anti-theft car stereo in 1984. All these milestones in Kenwood's history prove that they are Future Ready/Already.

20 years later, Kenwood is still proving that they are Future Ready/Already by introducing more products, such as the KTC-HR100 HD Radioâ-¢ tuner that is the first on the market or the Networked Home Theater Systems that play video and audio files from the home computer. Kenwood also has introduced the 3D MASK Proâ-¢ 3-dimensional control and display system, A.M.S. â-¢ which is an amplifier management system, Typhoon woofer cones, K-STATâ-¢ self-adjusting power transistors, and Image Enhancerâ-¢ tweeter technology. The 2004 Kenwood products bring entertainment of the future for the consumer to enjoy it today.

Staying Future Ready/Already keeps Kenwood examining and refining its products to keep ahead of the competition while pleasing the consumer that has come to depend on Kenwood. All emerging technologies are examined to determine how they can serve the entertainment needs of the consumer. Kenwood diligently searches for more improved ways to make them user friendly, accessible and invisible to the point where the consumer will not even think about the technology itself, the consumer will only know that they are enjoying the product. However, at Kenwood, Future Ready/Already is more than just features and technologies. Kenwood believes that the future is now and when a consumer owns a Kenwood product, they are ready for tomorrow.

Kenwood offers the best sound and visuals available for the consumer to take on the road either across town or across the nation. The consumer can transform their vehicle into a movie theater, drown out the sound from competition, improve their navigation around town or just simply enjoy the music they enjoy. In addition, with Kenwood's idea that the future is now, the entertainment gear offered by them is always future ready.

With all the focus that Kenwood puts on their products, they are always ready for yesterday, today and more importantly tomorrow. Kenwood strives to keep there consumers up-to-date which in turn makes for consumers who will become brand loyal to Kenwood.

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