Car Emergency Kit

Every vehicle should be equipped with a car emergency kit. Have you ever been broke down on the side of the road in the middle night without a flashlight.

It is the middle of the night, you are driving home from a night out and sudden the car you are driving stops. It is cold, dark and you know from past experience that not that many people travel on this road. Exactly what should you do?

If you had planned months in advance, you should have a emergency box located in your trunk. This emergency box can be a normal size, but it is going to contain a lot of items that can make your nightmare bearable.

A milk crate is a good box to use. The first thing that should be in this box is a flashlight that has working batteries. To be safe, keep a set of unsealed batteries along side the flashlight. This is a good idea just in case the battries go dead you will fresh unused battries.

The second thing that should be in this box is a set of flares. This is that you can let on coming traffic know that you are broke down and this way the oncoming traffic can aviod hitting you.

Jumper cables are really important. Many times a car stop along the road is because the car battery is low. These cable are really important because they can give you the juice from other car to get your car rolling again.

Something that is really important to have in the box also is a blanket. This blanket will have many uses. In case you need to look under the car the blanket can be used for you to lay on, so you won't get dirty. The blanket can also be used in case it is winter time and it starts to get cold you will have a little warmth.

Some other useful items are duct tape, matches, compass, maps, and a extra pair of comfortable shoes.

Extra shoes are important in case you need to walk to getgas, or help. This brings me the next item a container to carry gas, in case yourcar runs out of gas.

The biggest thing with the emergency trunk box is that you need to have this box talior to the area that you live in. Each area of the US have different conditions that may request different items in box so plan accordingly.

With this box in car and with proper planning you will be ready for any emergency.

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