Car Fuel Problems

Car fuel problems; how to diagnose and fix them.

´╗┐Driving down the road, you put the gas pedal to the floor, but the car dies. What went wrong? There are some things you can do right away to find out. Most of the time you can get back on the road right away.

The first thing to check is pretty obvious. Are you out of gas? Sounds simple enough. If you are out of gas then you just need to get more. Well, maybe not. Once you add gas you still may not get it started. Now what? In this case you will need to prime your carburetor. So, when you put

more gas in, save a little in the can. For those who have never even looked under the hood, here is how to find your carburetor. You will see a big round thing with a wing nut holding it on. Unscrew the wing nut (you should be able to do this with your hand), and take big round piece of

metal that looks like a 33 album off. Down in there you can see the top of your carburetor. Pour a little, several drops, of gas in there and try to start it again. Do not put it all back together before you try to start it. You need to be fast and try as soon as you pour the gas in. It may take several attempts.

If you are not out of gas it may be your fuel filter. Your fuel filter may be in the carburetor or in the gas line. The gas line will be coming out of the side of your carburetor. If you cannot see the fuel filter somewhere along the line, it is in your carburetor where the gas line connects to it. The gas line will require a wrench to remove. Do not confuse it with the vacuum lines which just pull straight off. If you do pull a vacuum line off, do not worry, just push it back on. You will want to remove the fuel filter, and check to see if it is clogged. If you are very lucky you have a clear one and it is easy to see if it is dirty inside. Most of the time it is not clear. Try blowing through it to see if it is clogged. This can also help clean it out enough to get you back on the road for a while. You will want to replace the fuel filter as soon as possible, if it was clogged or if you ran out of gas. When you run out of gas it pulls all the dirt that has collected in the bottom of your fuel tank through the filter. If you take your car to the shop they will usually

charge you sixty dollars or more to replace your fuel filter. You can find one at an auto parts store, and they are so common that hardware stores and gas stations often have them, too. It costs about three dollars if you do it yourself.

If neither of these things work, you probably have a bigger problem. It may be your fuel pump or a clogged fuel line, neither of which is a quick and easy roadside fix.

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