How to Get Free Car Insurance Quotes

By Larry Parr

  • Overview

    It is relatively easy to get free car insurance quotes. The trick is to make sure each quote is for the exact same coverage so that your comparisons are valid. To do this, you will need to create a "dummy" insurance policy. Your dummy policy should be close to the coverage you think you will actually purchase, but it does not have to be exact. All you need is a policy that you can present to each different insurance company in order to get its best price for comparison purposes. If you are sincere about getting the best price possible, you will need to get quotes for your dummy policy from local and Internet sources.
    • Step 1

      Create a car insurance policy that you can use to get accurate price comparisons from different companies. Decide on an amount of liability coverage and an amount of collision and comprehensive coverage you want (if any). Decide on the deductible you can afford to pay. The purpose of this "policy" is to get consistent price comparisons.
    • Step 2

      Phone several local car insurance agents listed in your phone book. Ask for a quote based on the policy you created in Step 1. Each insurer must be given the same insurance requirements in order to get an accurate comparison.

    • Step 3

      Fill out the form on 3 different car insurance price comparison Websites. These Websites allow you to compare the price of car insurance from different companies side-by-side. Use the same insurance requirements that you created in Step 1 so that the price comparisons are valid. Make online comparisons on more than one Website in order to get quotes from the largest possible number of insurance companies.
    • Step 4

      Be prepared to spend quite a bit of time filling out the form on each Website. Have past car insurance policies handy, as well as your social security number, telephone, date of birth, and the car insurance coverage you are interested in purchasing. It is important that you fill out the forms on all 3 price-comparison Websites with the same information that you used in Step 1 and ask for the exact same coverage. Otherwise, the comparisons will not be valid.
    • Step 5

      Compare the prices from all of the different quotes you have gotten, both locally as well as online. You should have quotes from anywhere between 6 and 9 different auto insurance companies. Choose the best quote. Contact the agent that handles that company.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Tip: The policy you create in Step 1 is not necessarily the final policy you will buy, but it should be fairly close to what you want. The purpose of the policy you create in Step 1 is to provide you with an accurate price comparison between companies.
    • Tip: Expect a rash of phone calls and emails following your comparison shopping spree.
    • Warning:
    • Watch for bait and switch tactics. When an agent finally talks to you about purchasing a policy, the price may be different from the price you got on the Websites, and the agent may try to talk you into purchasing coverage you had not originally planned to purchase. Do not feel you are obligated to purchase a policy simply because you have contacted an agent.

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