Car Maintenance Tips: Preparing For Sale

These car maintenance tips will help you prepare a car for sale. Increase the amount of money the car sells for.

With attenttion to a few details, selling a car can be easy and profitable. The car should be in the best condition possible when presented to a prospective buyer. Here are some steps to insure your car sells fast and for what it is worth

---Know what the car is worth. Consult reference sources such as Kelley's Blue Book to find out the current value of the car. Some online dealer sites also have this information and quizzes that can be completed to assess the overall condition of the car. Also check with used car dealers of the classified ads in the surrounding area for information on what similar cars are selling for in the area.

---Consider setting the selling price at ten percent more than you expect to get. People love to haggle and a buyer will be more likely to buy if you lower your price during the bargaining.

---Wash and wax the car and remove any personal items from the car or trunk. Repair or replace any minor items that may be a problem. Clean the battery terminals and engine. Cleaners designed for engine cleaning may be purchased at any auto parts store. Make sure all fluid containers are filled.

---Clean and properly inflate all tires. Vacuum and deodorize the interior. Clean any spots from cloth upholstery and carpet. Remove all decals and bumper stickers form the outside of the car.

---Make sure you have all important paperwork together and ready to present to a buyer. These include the title and all service records you may have kept. If there are any outstanding parking tickets on the vehicle, pay these before the sale.

---Advertise the car by putting a sign in the car window and/or taking out a classified ad in local newspapers or car magazines. In a classified ad, use phrases like "one owner" or "low mileage" to get attention, if these phrases apply to your vehicle.

---If someone inquires about the car, be clear on why you want to sell it and be prepared to discuss previous repairs and any replacement parts that are on the vehicle.

---It is not a good idea to allow a prospective buyer to take a car on a test drive alone because of the risk of car theft.

---If your car sells, do not accept a personal check. Only take cash or a cashier's check. On a receipt for the transaction, be sure to note that the car is being sold "as-is" to avoid any legal problems later.

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