Car Paint Repair: Bugs And Tar Removal

You may be protective of your car's finish. The following will explain how you can protect your car from bugs and tar.

If you have a new car chances are that you are very protective of its looks when you first purchase it. Since you can't control nature, you may become paranoid about those natural hazards, which may eat, away at your new investment. You can however prevent and treat certain problems which you can not prevent such as removing bugs and tar from the finish of your car. The following will explain steps you can take to protect and treat your car's finish from being destroyed by bugs and tar.

First, protect your car buy investing in it. Purchase a bug protector for your car. You can find them at any auto parts store. If they do not carry it, chances are that they will be able to order to fit your car.

Second, keep your car waxed regularly. By waxing your car on schedule, you protect your car by apply a coat which protects the clear coat on your car in the event that tar becomes attached. It is also easier to remove a bug from a car that has been waxed. You may find that using a hard wax provides more protection than a liquid wax. If you don't have the time or patience to wax your car have a professional apply it for you.

Remember preventative maintenance is the best protection for your car. This rules apply to anything which may happen to your finish as well as your car in general. If you see in thing attached to your finish such as asphalt, bugs, bird droppings, tar, sap, etc. remove it as soon as possible. If you allow it to remain there for a long period of time you may find it harder to remove and may not be able to prevent destruction of your car's finish.

It may be too late to prevent the bug and tar from attaching but you can remove it from your car. You can remove them with car buy trying some of the following suggestions.

Try using good old fashioned cooking oil or grease to remove those pesky bugs and tar from your car's finish. Apply it to a 100 percent cotton towel and apply to the spot. Apply in a circular motion and then wash your car as usual. You may want to use a combination car wash and wax to provide some protection against future bugs. Be sure to wash you car using a 100 percent cotton towel and to wash it with care to protect you car finish. Don't scrub your car it may do more harm than good. Be gentle.

If the tar is really tough to remove you may find finger nail polish remover to be more effective. Apply it with a cotton ball to the area that you have a problem with. Don't allow the finger nail polish remover remain there for a long period of time, it may destroy your finish. To be safe, rinse thoroughly and then proceed to wash your car as usual after removing the spot.

You may need to go to your local auto parts store or retail store and purchase a bug and tar remover for your vehicle. These products are designed to protect your car's finish as well as remove these spots from your car effectively. Ask your dealership about which is the best type of remover to use on your car.

If none of these remedies are effective. Run don't walk to the nearest full service car wash. They will know how to best remove bugs from your car's finish and may also provide you with additional tips on how to prevent and treat it in the future.

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