Car Speaker Basics: Coaxial Vs 2 Channel

The differences between coaxial and 2 channel speakers and the major advantages and disadvantages of both.

Some people spend a lot of time in their cars and others just like to have things done very nicely. Music is also a big part of any car trip for many people. This causes many people to improve upon the radio system that is factory installed in most vehicles. There are two main types of speaker systems that are commonly used in cars.

Coaxial car speakers are probably among the most popular. These speakers mainly consist of a midrange woofer with a tweeter. They come in a variety of sizes that will fit nicely in most vehicle types. There are many advantages and disadvantages to using this type of car speaker.

One of the main advantages of coaxial speakers is cost. These types of speakers are usually some of the cheapest and are also quite easy to install for those who are not experienced. Another advantage is that all the sound comes from one main point rather than the surround sound feature that other speakers may have. This is a little easier in smaller cars.

One of the main disadvantages of these speakers is sound quality. Because they are cheaper and also because of the one point system, the sound quality is much lower. Some people, though, are willing to sacrifice the sound difference for the ease of use and also the ease on the pocketbook.

2 channel car speakers also have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. These speakers will consist of a midrange woofer used in conjunction with component speakers. These also will fit into a wide range of vehicles, but in a different manner than coaxial speakers.

One of the big advantages to 2 channel speakers is the sound quality. Due to the surround sound-like features, the sound quality is much better than that of coaxial speakers. There is also a greater variety in options when choosing this type of speaker system for your car.

The biggest disadvantage of 2 channel speakers is probably the complexity of the installation. Inexperienced people will usually not be able to install these systems on their own and in addition to paying extra for the speakers, they will generally also have to pay for a professional to do the installation. Thus, cost is also one of the big disadvantages of this type of speaker system. Another issue that can come up when a person installs this system by themselves is the timing. The speakers must be wired precisely in order for the sound to be in perfect timing.

When updating the sound system in a car, the owner of the car has a lot of different things to think about. They must decide how much they are willing to spend on their new system and whether they are willing to pay someone to install it for them if need be. They need to decide how good of a quality they want their sound to have and for what purpose they intend to use the car stereo. Once they have answered these questions, they can then decide which type of system is best for them.

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