Car Travel With Children

Travelling long distances in a car should be fun for the whole family. Here's how to keep children happy and entertained during the trip.

Traveling in the car with young children can make a long trip seem even longer. Here are some ways to make the trip pleasant for everyone.

1.) Make sure you have plenty of snacks for the ride. You don't want food to be the reason that your kids are willing to be quiet, but if you pack some fun, healthy snacks like goldfish crackers, grapes, or fruit roll-ups, your kids will enjoy what they're eating and have one less thing to complain about. You may also want to plan to stop for lunch or dinner on the trip, even if adds a half hour or so to your travel time. Many kids enjoy going out to eat, and they'll love being able to get out of the car for a while.

2.) Bring plenty of kids music. No matter how much you want to listen to the classic rock station, your kids will have a ball singing "their" songs, especially if you sing along with them. I said to bring plenty of music because kids will never get sick of listening to the same songs over and over. For your own sanity, bring a lot and a wide variety if you can.

3.) Bring things that they can do in the car. Reading books and coloring are two things that most kids can do while sitting in a car. You may also have some small toys that they can play with while strapped in their seat.

4.) Buy some travel games that everybody can play. A game like "Travel Bingo" is a lot of fun. It requires finding different road signs, cars, etc. You can also bring a deck of cards to play "Go Fish" or "War." You should also check with your local toy store - there you will undoubtedly find a wide assortment of travel games that can keep your kids busy for hours.

5.) Electronic video games are all the rage now, and many kids won't leave the house without them. While I don't recommend a child sitting in the house on a beautiful day and playing video games all day, playing them in a car is certainly a way to help the time pass more quickly - for them and for you.

Long trips can be boring for kids, which can result in headaches for the parents - or they can be fun for the whole family. With a little bit of planning before the trip, your long drive can turn into a pleasure for everyone.

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