Card Drinking Games

Some of the most popular drinking games played with a deck of cards and a few friends.

Looking for a way to fill out a night with your friends? Try these card drinking games. Below are the rules to some of the most popular card drinking games; all you need are some friends, a deck of cards, and enough drinks to keep everyone satisfied.

High Card: This is the simplest way to get started. The deck is shuffled, and everyone is dealt a card. High card drinks. Alternately, high card is safe, and everyone else drinks.

High or Low: Another simple game, requiring a dealer and a drinker. The dealer shuffles and turns over the top card. The drinker then guesses whether the next card will be higher or lower. If the drinker is wrong, he drinks; if the drinker is right, the dealer drinks. Drinker must guess at least three cards; drinker then becomes the dealer, and a new drinker steps up.

Screw Your Neighbor: A simple game with one rule: don't get caught with the lowest card. Players sit in a circle or around a table, and the dealer gives every player one card. The player to the left of the dealer can choose to keep his card, or "screw his neighbor" on his left. Neighbors cannot refuse a trade, and players cannot back out of a trade after seeing their new card. The trade-or-pass continues around the circle to the dealer, who can choose to trade her card for the next card in the deck. Cards are revealed, and the lowest card drinks.

Bullshit: This classic game is a dorm room favorite. Deal a full deck of cards amongst all players. Starting with the player to the dealer's left, players must lay one or more cards face-down, beginning with aces and progressing through kings. Players declare denomination and quantity (for example, "two aces!" or "three jacks!"), but do not reveal their cards.

The key is that the player does not need to have the cards--the game is all about lying convincingly. Other players then have a challenge a bluff by shouting "Bullshit!" If the challenged player was lying, he must drink and return the cards to his hand without revealing them. If the player was telling the truth, he reveals his cards and discards them. Then the challenger must drink. If no one challenges, the player discards without drinking. Players who empty their hands cannot challenge.

The winner is the first player to get rid of their entire hand.

Asshole: Another widely-played classic. Deal a full deck of cards amongst all players. Starting with the player to the dealer's left, players lay sets of cards in an attempt to empty their hand. The first player may lay any set; players then must match or beat the previously played set. Players must also match the number of cards, so that if the first player laid 3 nines, the next player can lay 3 tens or 3 Jacks, but not 2 kings or 3 fours. If a player cannot play, they sip and drink. If everyone skips, the dealer clears the cards and the next player in line starts the sequence again.

The first person to empty their hand is the President. As players empty their hands, they gain a rank beneath him: the second Vice President, the third Secretary, and so on until the last person, who becomes the Asshole. Once a player has rank, they can force any player of lower rank to drink, at any time, during the next round. The Asshole can tell no one to drink; no one can tell the President to drink.

Before the second round begins, the Asshole must give the President his two best cards, and the President must give the Asshole his two worst cards. The Asshole becomes dealer, the round continues as above, and players are re-ranked at the end. Rounds continue for as long as players are coherent. Assholes tend to become very incoherent, very quickly!

Suits: This is a game best played with beer. Sitting in a circle or around a table, have the dealer call a suit and begin dealing, face up, to each player (including himself). When the called suit is dealt, that player must drink for the number of seconds shown on the card (face cards are 10, aces are 1). Other players should help with the count. Then, the drinking player must call out a new suit before his glass hits the table, and he becomes the new dealer. Play repeats.

If he forgets to call out a suit, he has to drink again. If he finishes his drink before time expires, the person to his right must finish her drink and call the next suit.

No one is allowed to leave the game until after they have dealt.

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