Cardstock Arts And Crafts

Learn to make different things with cardstock paper from bookmarks to cards.

Cardstock is great for many things. Whether it's scrap booking, making cards, stamping, building beautiful castles or even a simple backing for a portrait that your child made you can have fun doing it. In this article you will see how you too can use cardstock with just a few ideas.

Cardstock as your Portrait backing:

Background for Your Artwork

1 cardstock paper (your choice of color)

1 masterpiece (that you or your child made)

Scissors (good quality or it will look choppy)

Make sure the cardstock paper is just the right size; you may want to cut it down a little if the masterpiece is too small. Course this would make it look neat as well. Glue the back of the masterpiece to the cardstock paper. (If this is a portrait of your child's you may want to let them draw or stick things on the rest of the cardstock paper that shows so they feel they have added on to their picture.) Once the glue dries you can hang it up on the wall. DO NOT USE TAPE! It will not stay up.

Or you can use this idea

You'll need one more piece of cardstock paper of a different size. If they are both the same size cut one to be smaller than the other. Glue the smaller one on top of the larger one. You can make it perfectly straight or diagonal, it doesn't matter, it will add to the picture you are going to use. Once this is done and dry you will add your masterpiece to the top of the smaller one. Glue the picture to the small one and wait for it to dry. Hang up on wall. You will have two different types of backings and both make your masterpiece stand out.

Card Ideas with cardstock:

Easter Card for kids

1 pink cardstock paper

1 white cardstock paper


Glue (Stick glue works really well)

Pen (something that will write nicely)

Any other add-ons you might want (glitter, crayons, buttons, stickers)

Fold the pink cardstock paper in half, making sure it's even. Cut the white cardstock paper so it will fit nicely inside the card. Make sure it is not the same length of the pink. Glue the white to the pink and let it dry. Once it is dry decorate the front. Your child may want to cut out egg shapes or baskets; they will need your help with this unless they are old enough. Once the front is done it is time to decorate the inside. Kids will normally want to write their own message on one side and you write the message on the other. Once this is complete wait for everything to dry and either give it to your child to pass out or stick it in an envelope to mail to someone.

Cards and Stamping with Cardstock

1 cardstock paper (your choice)

1 white cardstock paper





Cut the papers to the size you want. Fold your choice color in half to make a card. Glue white cardstock paper to the inside of the card. Using the ink make sure it is not dried out. Press stamp firmly into the ink and press on paper where you want it. DO NOT SQUISH the stamp on the paper; this will make it look messed up. Quickly lift stamp up and let it dry. Once it is dry, write you message inside.

A Bookmark with a Ribbon

1 cardstock paper (your choice in color)

Hole punch

Ribbon (your choice in color)


Cut the paper into the size of bookmark you want. This could be square, rectangle or even circle if you desire. Now at the top of the paper, about a thumb width down punch a hole in the paper. Take your ribbon and tie it through. Decorate the rest of the bookmark any way you want.

Have fun making one or all these crafts!

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