Care For A Bad Hair Day

Lots of tips for those bad hair days.

First of all, your hair needs to be very healthy to avoid a lot of bad hair days. If you have dry hair or have colored or permed lately then you'll need a daily moisturizer and I would suggest a weekly deep-conditioning treatment so keep your hair healthy.

If your hair is coarse then you'll need a twice a month hair masque with ingredients to soften the hair. For fine or limp hair I would spray on a detangler to the hair.

Are you going to a beauty shop that cuts your hair correctly for your shaped face, etc. Also if you have very fine hair you would need a short layered cut, this will make your hair look full.

There are lots of layered cuts that include long face framing also.

If you want your straight hair to shine you will need a natural bristle brush such as boar's hair. If you want quick curls that last you might use a round brush with a metal core. For those smooth waves and also curls, when blow drying use a round brush and depending on the size of the brush you'll have small or large curls.

Add mousse or gel at the roots only, when your hair is damp work these into the roots with your fingertips especially where you want to obtain the most volume. There are so many wonderful products out today such as those to control frizz,

or to add volume. You'll always need to layer these products, don't just add a bunch to one area.

For body in your hair you'll need to use a round brush and then brush the sections from underneath, lifting the hair. There is a flat brush that will smooth the hair while you are styling. Use a wide tooth plastic comb to detangle wet hair.

If you want to wear a ponytail you can protect your hair by applying a little conditioner around the inside of the covered elastic, then pull your hair thru. You could pile your hair up by gathering a bunch of hair at the base of your neck and twisting while lifting until the hair is pointing up, then fold under and fasten with your

favorite hair accessory.

When you dry your hair with a towel always remember no to rub, just pat, then when just damp you can style. If you would like volume you could try dividing your hair into three sections, then rolling around large rollers. Then you might want to spritz with some setting lotion, then use hot

air and then take the rollers out after it is dry.

You can use the spritz on clean wet hair, then put in a pony tail, after your hair is dry, just pull out the holder and you have waves.

When you apply hairspray always lift up sections and spray toward your roots, then fluff your hair.

You might try a silicone spray on very straight hair, then comb through with a very wide tooth plastic comb and you'll have lots of shine: don't touch again and you'll look wonderful.

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