Care Of Pearls

Pearls need care like other precious gems and jewelry. Follow simple tips on storage and moisture required for pearls so that your gems can retain their luster for years to come.

If you are a proud owner of nature's wonder - pearls - then you might be on the look out for tips on pearl care. Look no further, for you have come to the right place.

But before taking delight in your purchase, judge if your pearls are genuine. Here are few tips to test your pearls. The gems are of a better quality when they are:

1. Large

2. Round

3. Deep and mellow in luster

4. Even in color

To make sure your pearls are not fake gems, rub the pearls on your teeth. Real pearls feel rough and grainy. And as if to prove that all that glitters is not gold, fake gems are smooth and glassy!

If your pearls have passed the tests, then it is time to go ahead and find out tips on pearl care.

Like any other precious gem and jewelry, pearls need constant care and attention. But looking after your gems will not cost you a fortune or time. Just follow the tips give below and your pearls will retain their luster for years to come.

1. Never store pearls in an airtight environment. Pearls are organic and they need to "breathe". So forget you safe deposit boxes and jewelry cases and give your gems spacious room in your wardrobe or dressing table.

2. Just as pearls are intolerant of an airless environment, your gems also need to be stored away from sunlight and dry heat.

3. Pearls are sensitive to strong chemicals like sprays, deodorants and perfumes. Constant contact with these scented liquids can discolor pearls.

4. Exposure to perspiration also dims the luster of pearls. For better pearl care, just wipe your gems with a soft dry cloth after every use.

5. String your pearls in silk or nylon thread. Avoid gold as it wears the gems out.

6. Also re-string your pearls every year as threads weaken with time.

7. The best part of pearl care is that the more you wear your pearls the better! Unlike gold or silver jewelry, skin moisture is good for your pearls.

Follow these simple tips on pearl care and rest assured your pearls will never fail you with their shine and luster.

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