All About A Career In Interactive Design

Read all about a career in interactive design, including: what the job is, the schooling needed, how much money you can make and the job opportunities that will become available to you.

You can have a career in interactive design. What is interactive design? Let me explain. A couple decades ago computers cost a lot and were used by computer professionals or gamers. Now computers have become a part of our every day lives. We rely on them in many ways, and it is hard to imagine our lives without them. Interactive design involves making our computer applications and programs perform effectively and look attractive. Interactive design is like a "behind-the-scenes" job; a user won't see the code or see directly the work you put into a project; they will see the finished product and be able to use it. It's interactive because the person is communicating with the computer in a way that benefits the user and helps complete a task; the task could be looking at a web site, taking a computerized exam, etc. Design refers to the composition and blueprint of the actual program.

Interactive design needs to change along with the new technologies, so that we have the fastest, easiest, most attractive applications available. If you want to go into interactive design as a career, you will need to keep up-to-date on new technology. Interactive designer uses both products and services. Examples of these include: a movie displayed on a television screen, numbers displayed on a pager, etc. Interactive design encompasses the design of immaterial and material or services, software and hardware. Interactive design may involve the marriage of sound, graphic and product design as well as time-based text. The function of the service and product, as well as the presentation of information, combines.

As an interactive designer, you need to be a creative thinker as well as technologically capable. You would need to understand the user's experience and consider such factors such as how they live, what they need and what they want. You would need to imagine new opportunities with brainstorming and opportunity mapping. An interactive designer will also need to make sure that the technology works and is of high quality. You need to know how the experience will be for people, in terms of what they will see, hear and feel. Interactive design is essentially a form of human-computer interaction with digital material. Interactive design involves creating something that is different from today's designs and will become the designs of tomorrow. Because of new technology and the changing needs and the desires of society, you can always make a better design.

A career in interactive design usually requires a Bachelor's degree. Many companies today also look for an experienced designer, ranging from one to five years of experience. You may want to consider obtaining an internship in order to get your foot in the door.

Going to school for interactive design can involve a two-year program. Your classes could include classes entitled: Introduction to Anthropology, Information Architecture, Human-Computer Interaction, Interactive Product Design Plus, Perceptual and Cognitive Interactive Design Studio, and more. They may also include elective courses in Industrial Design. Part of the learning process involves using software for audio recording, editing and manipulation; digital video shooting, capture, editing and composing with special effects, scanning, editing and manipulation of digital images, and archiving and burning CD ROMs and DVDs.

Interactive designers can start out by obtaining jobs with various titles including: Junior Web Designer, Junior Information Architect, Junior Rich Media Author, Junior DVD Author, E-Learning Courseware Developer, and more. Interactive Designers can work for a company as an employee or become a self-employed independent contractor. You may also have the option to work from home, as more and more people are doing this due to technological advances and telecommuting benefits. You may be required to have the following programming tools and skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, PowerPoint, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML/DHTML. To know more about what these are, you may opt to do a search online. Interactive Designers can make between fifty thousand and seventy thousand a year, more or less depending upon experience, job duties, and your location. A career in interactive design is a career for the future!

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