Career Planning And Development For Women

Effective career planning and development for a woman. Helps you answer those question that have been troubling you.

As a woman who works outside the home, are you making the most of the employment challenges, choices and opportunities that exist for you? If not, it may be due to a lack of career planning.

Career planning for is about more than just looking for a job""it's about looking at your life and deciding how you want to live it; it is how work will help you do that. Effective career planning can help you out of feeling powerlessness, it can give you a strong foundation for making choices, and help you appreciate yourself and your abilities more. Here's what you need to do to put together an effective career plan:

* Explore your options. Look at your skills and sort out the ones you don't enjoy doing from the ones that you do. Use that as your springboard to identify careers that may be appropriate for you.

* Use a holistic approach. There is no longer a standard career planning model. Create your own model by looking at each part of your life and answering the question: "How much time and energy do I want to give to each of these?" That will help you focus your career search more tightly and find work that doesn't throw your life off balance.

* Prioritize the issues in your life by assessing all of your roles and the impact they have on you. Remember, career planning is not done to make a work choice but to help you decide how you want to live your life and find work that will help you to do that.

* Change the question you're asking from "What jobs exist that I can do?" to "What jobs exist that will fit my needs?" The way to do this is to look at your values, needs, barriers, inhibitors and motivators. That will go a long way in helping you to choose a fulfilling career instead of just falling into a job or taking what someone else gives you, without consideration for what you want.

* Set goals, write a plan of action and implement it. You may need some help in shaping your final career plan and implementing strategies for a successful search. There are many free and low cost services to help you do that. Look in your local Yellow Pages under career planning or career counseling and seek out agencies or organizations that work with women. Check with the extension service of the land grant university in your state. And don't forget the World Wide Web. Use your favorite search engine, type in "career planning for women," and select the site most useful for you.

Career planning is one of the most important things a you can do for yourself. Personal empowerment is a key byproduct of effective career planning. Your increased awareness of your choices will lead to greater control of your life because you will see your options more clearly and exercise them more decidedly.

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