Career Tips: Advice For Work At Home

Advice on working at home, jobs starting a business, promoting businesses and getting into Direct Sales or MLM.

For most people, being able to work at home means possible financial security and more time with the family. First you need to decide if it's a home job or a home business you want. A home job is just like a regular job, only you get to do it from home. You will still have an employer that you will report to. A home business is all yours. You will be responsible for everything it takes to run a business.

If you are looking for a home job, there are plenty of businesses that will hire home workers but it takes time to find those jobs. Don't get discouraged if you start looking for a home job today and aren't hired by someone next week. Keep in mind when looking for a home job, that a legitimate job will tell you exactly what the job is and will never ask you for money.

If you are looking to start your own business, you have some decisions to make. Before spending money on a website, ordering a bunch of products and lists of people to mail flyers to, ask yourself some questions.

How much is in your budget for the start-up cost?

Are you willing to ship products yourself?

How much time are you willing to spend on your business?

Do you want to do this online, offline or both?

There are a few ways to go into business. You can start a business from scratch, or get into Direct Sales or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). Once you make a decision on what way is best for you, you will need to develop a plan. Having a business plan will keep you focused on your goals.

If you are thinking of starting a business from scratch, you will need a service or product to sell. You can do some brainstorming by writing down a list of your interests and hobbies. Sometimes an idea for a business is hidden within your talents or skills. Take some time to think your list over. What services or products would you be able to offer from your list of interests?

Direct Sales companies usually have a low start up fee. The start-up costs usually include a kit on getting started in their business. They have the products or services for you to sell and you get a percentage of the sell. Getting into Direct Sales is not a job, it is a business. You are responsible for promoting your business and building your own customer base. Many people go into Direct Sales because the companies are good standing companies and their products/services have a good reputation.

Multi-Level Marketing companies also charge a fee, some are one time fees and others are monthly fees. They also have legitimate products and services you sell. With MLM, you have the chance to create a team. A team is a group of people that you have recruited into the business. The potential to make money increases when your team makes a sale. You get a percentage of their sell, along with what you make on your own. After you decide what way is right for you, decide on how you will promote your business. Direct Sale or MLM companies may offer you a free website to promote their product. If you are starting your business from scratch, you might want to consider promoting your business on a website.

Having a website, posting flyers, creating business cards, writing a press release, placing ads online and offline and buying leads are all effective ways to promote your business. One of the most proven ways is word of mouth. Once you have your business, tell everyone about it. Join message boards designed for people who work at home and start networking. Some of those message boards will let you have signature lines. Your signature line would be a link to your website. Post flyers and hand out your business cards everywhere.

Don't quit your job. It can take 2 years or more to really get a business off the ground. You might see some money coming in but most of that cash will be put back into the business to keep it alive. Set some goals and write a plan for your business. Having a good business plan will help you run a successful business. A business plan usually includes a mission statement, objectives, marketing strategies and a budget. You can check out more information about writing business plans at your local library or online.

Time management is also important in running a business. For most of us, working at home allows us to have more time with our families. If you're not managing your time well, you could be spending more time on your business than with your family. Use your time well by setting a schedule. Have certain times and/or days for each task. If your business involves crafts, set a limit to how many of your items you make a day or week. You might also try making products on demand. Run your business, don't let it run you.

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