Career Tips: Information On Business Careers

This article will give an overview of business careers.

Business is a very safe option to major in college. These days, pairing a business major with a second language (think Spanish) is a great idea, and almost guarantees some job after graduation. The dual major in a foreign language and business will give you that strong edge above all of the other business majors. Who knows? It might even become obligatory someday, since a lot of business persons deal in global markets and do a lot of traveling.

There are so many options for jobs in the business field. If you like numbers, you can become an accountant. If you are interested in leadership, you can always go for your master's and get an MBA, which will open a lot of doors to you in reference to management positions. There are so many companies out there that you would really have your choice of what kind of company you wanted to work for.

Do you like advertising? You could major or minor in marketing. You could do all of the advertising for a company once out of school. You could eventually even move up to become a big marketing director. There's a lot of room for moving up the corporate ladder in the business world, as long as you work hard, and keep afloat of all of the changes that are constantly happening.

Maybe traveling appeals to you and you like people. You could work in international marketing, or global markets. A lot of business people travel all over the world to advertise their products. Do you picture yourself in China meeting clients for dinner?

Maybe Wall Street is where it's at for you. You could become a stock broker or an investment banker. There are lots of opportunities there. Be ready to work a lot of hours and work hard, but it will be worth it in the end.

With business, an associate's degree will get you somewhere, a bachelor's will get you even more opportunities, and the MBA (masters in business administration) is considered the big time. You can do a lot with that that you couldn't otherwise. Maybe you started as an insurance agent when you got your associate's in business, but now you want to be the CEO of a company. Get ready to work from the bottom and make your way up the corporate ladder- but keep your eye on the prize and don't give up, and you will get there.

Maybe becoming a buyer interests you. Buyers purchase merchandise for companies. If you are interested in fashion, you could always get a fashion degree as well as a business degree and try to break into the world of buying the newest fashions.

The sky's the limit with this field. If you want to keep going with your education, you could always get a PhD, and then you could even become a professor at a college-or if that bores you, you could become a business person who works with computers.

There are a lot of opportunities in business. The key is to get out there and get your degree and then keep working hard.

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