Career Tips: Information On Photography Careers

How to begin a career in photography: how and where to look for a job, what specializations are available; how to gain experience and a portfolio; and potential salary.

Photography is one of the world's most beloved activities, but today more and more people are finding ways to make a career out of photography. There are many kinds of photographers, from nature photographers to wedding photographers to newspaper photographers. Anyone with an interest and basic camera skills can turn their enjoyment of photography into a money-making job. With photography, you could work in an office, at home, or travel abroad.

The first thing to be done when thinking about a career in photography is to figure out what type of photographer you'd like to be. Think about some of your interests and find a photography job that interests you. If you enjoy wildlife, why not apply to work for a wildlife magazine? If you enjoy fashion photography, why not apply to work for a fashion magazine or catalog? If you enjoy being outside, why not apply to work for a real estate publishing company? If you are good with product pictures you could work for an advertising agency or catalog company. If you see yourself more as a people-person, who is to say you can't open up your own studio and take family portraits? If you like action or certain sports, why not look into sports photography? Advertising agencies, travel groups, newspapers, and magazines all need people who could be versatile and take different kinds of photos when called upon.

Not all jobs in the photography market require a background in photography or an extensive resume; in fact, most just want to see an impressive portfolio. Before you begin to apply for photography jobs, compile a portfolio or collection of your best work. The pieces in the portfolio should be relevant to the type of job you are applying for. If the job is for a newspaper photographer, include pictures you've taken of current events and news-worthy items. If the job is for a wedding photographer, include an assortment of wedding shots. A professional-looking portfolio often times outshines a resume. Have other people look at your portfolio and ask them if the pictures look professional and eye-catching. It is important for a portfolio to encompass pieces that are flattering and memorable.

There are several ways to go about obtaining a photography job. As a "freelance" photographer, you are not employed by anyone, but rather you work independently on different jobs. Many people take pleasure in this because it allows them to take many different kinds of pictures. Some jobs you can apply for and then shoot the pictures and some jobs you take pictures first and try to sell them. It is important to decide which kind of freelance job you'd like and what the job market looks like. Often, pictures you enjoy taking on your own will be your pictures that sell best.

Another idea for making money using your passion for photography is to sell your pictures either on-line or in a studio. Also, people all over the world shop for art and photography in galleries or at festivals. In a large city, there is an advantage because studios, exhibits, galleries, auctions, and festivals are more frequent. The World Wide Web has become a huge photography gallery! Many people sell their photos on websites and ship pictures to people who purchase them.

When beginning a career in photography it is important to begin learning about cameras and different types of photography. Companies that hire photographers like to hire well-rounded photographers who can take many different types of pictures. Begin to challenge yourself and take different types of pictures. This will make your portfolio stand out. Begin to show your portfolio to anyone who will look at it. They will remember it and it may pay off later down the line. Also make for yourself business cards that state you are a photographer available for hire and/or you have pictures for sale. Be sure and include your contact information. Handout the business cards frequently, this too many also pay off in the long run.

People who work in the photography field usually earn between $16,790 and $46,890. The hours are usually long. Besides actually shooting the assignment, photographers who use film must then develop and enlarge prints. Most photographers using film still opt to use the darkroom. Photographers selling photography as art commonly are partial to the artistic possibilities available when using the darkroom. Photographers using digital cameras need to become familiar with digital picture-editing software.

When looking for the right photography job, the Internet can be a helpful tool in finding jobs in the field. Places like Yahoo's HotJobs and Monster Jobs list hundreds of jobs relating to photography. There are also many camera clubs and associations which advertise photography jobs. Begin to follow the above steps to explore and make your way into a career in photography.

A career in photography begins with a love for photography. You CAN take pictures of things you love and make a career out of it. Good luck!

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