Careers: Why To Become A School Teacher

Teaching is one of the oldest and noblest professions on earth. Here are reasons why it is a great career.

The saying, "Those who can't, teach" should be changed to "Those who could, teach." The original implication is that people who can't do anything else end up becoming teachers. But the truth is that most teachers are gifted with a love of learning and a desire to help others succeed.

If you are thinking about becoming a teacher, it may be due to the three-month summer vacations or the winter and spring breaks. Some are drawn to the school day schedule that allows them to get home before their own children get out of school.

But there are other reasons to become a teacher as well:

1. You can help children reach important life goals. Kids are not only required by law to be educated; they need an education to get a good job that will support themselves and their families the rest of their lives. Without a meaningful education, most young people would have little to look forward to except factory jobs or manual labor. An education provides a rounded perspective, a useful spectrum of knowledge, and a high school diploma that will open doors to a successful future.

2. You can find outlets for your creativity. Teachers must constantly look for ways to make learning easier for their students. They search for ways to share knowledge so that it makes sense to all the different young minds in their class. Relying on the various types of learning modes, teachers appeal to children's reading, thinking, and reasoning skills. They develop activities that utilize movement, patterns, and other types of cognitive abilities.

3. You can brighten a child's day. Teachers sometimes are the only positive person a child will encounter on a regular basis. With parents' busy schedules and sometimes dysfunctional lives, children look to teachers for guidance, encouragement, and praise. Colorful room decorations, fun learning activities, tasty snacks or treats, and kernels of wisdom can influence a child's view of learning and of life.

4. You can pursue professional development opportunities. Teachers often are given opportunities to travel, take additional courses, or interact with the community or government in projects that help them develop new skills or expand their expertise, all of which feeds back into their teaching ability to students' benefit. Previewing the latest scholarly research and textbooks, attending national or international conferences, and competing for excellence awards or developing new programs help teachers to make an impact beyond the classroom.

5. You can become an inspiring role model. Children, parents, and your peers will look to your leadership in your field of study or teaching discipline. You become the resident expert that others come to when they need help. You will see stars in your pupils' eyes as they admire your knowledge and rely on your wisdom. Parents find it flattering to associate with teachers who point their children to academic success.

There are few careers as rewarding as teaching. Shadow your child's teacher for a day or visit a local school to find out more about this excellent career opportunity.

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