Careers In Technology: What Is A Quality Assurance Technician

For a challenging career in technology, consider working as a quality assurance technician. Here is some information to help you get started.

As technology continues to advance, more and more opportunities are opening up for individuals to fill new and exciting positions that have developed over that past decade. One such area that has great potential for growth is that of quality assurance. Companies are required to adhere to strict quality guidelines, and to that end, need trained personnel to fill a variety of roles. One such position is that of a quality assurance technician. Here is some information on this challenging career path.

Organizational Relationship: Normally, a quality assurance technician reports directly to the quality assurance manager.

Job Description: A quality assurance technician is responsible for a wide variety of tasks, all geared towards maintaining and improving the company's quality assurance policy, procedures and standards. Normally, the quality assurance technician is responsible for developing means by which to test whether or not the company is adhering to its established software and/or hardware development process.

The quality assurance technician may also be involved in certifying the quality level or product and/or systems and applications, and charged with designing tests and implementing a system by which to track this procedure. In this capacity, the technician performs a number of different tasks under the direction of the quality assurance manager. Here are some typical responsibilities of a quality assurance technician:

-Can be responsible for product inspection, internal quality control audits, and quality planning.

-Research the tools and techniques required to develop and maintain the company database

-Responsible for maintaining all quality related testing equipment such as meters and scales. This would include arranging for yearly calibration and testing, storage, and record keeping for these items.

-Maintain the device history files for product that has been shipped by the company.

-Analyze all non-conforming material reports and complaints and work with applicable parties to assist in the resolution of these complaints.

-Assist in the solution of quality-related problems resulting in the issuance of corrective action reports, vendor corrective action reports and customer complaints.

-Work with production, engineering, customer service and technical support in solving problems directly related to quality assurance.

-In some organization, the quality assurance technician writes script that will check for bugs in new applications. Additionally, the quality assurance technician may be called upon to track bugs and develop a means by which to do this.

-May be responsible for implementing the company database.

-May assist writing product documentation, technical specifications, parts procedures, and training material.

Qualifications: Most companies require a two-year technical degree along with a minimum of two years experience in a quality-related position. Experience with web-based QA applications is preferred. Addition skills may include experience writing HTML code, the ability to write and work from detailed technical or functional specifications, and competency in the use of ISO or other quality programs.

Security clearances may be required if the company is involved with government contracts.

Potential for Advancement: A quality assurance technician with experience can find him or herself in high demand in the marketplace. Internally, experience in this position can be transferred to a technical support position, customer care, validation or production role.

Salary: In this field, salary is usually commensurate with experience, and varies from location to location.

Training: Quality related courses are taught in community college, online technical programs, and technical schools. Most colleges also have degree programs offering a Bachelor of Science degree in this field.

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