Caring For Long Hair

Some tips and ideas on caring for long hair.

Long hair can be difficult to care for.The top might be oily while the ends are dry, and sometimes there's so much of it that it's impossible to do anything with it.However, you can wear long hair that looks good, and behaves.

First of all, choose a shampoo that's specially made for your hair type.There are types that are made for oily/dry combination hair.There are also shampoos for thin hair, thick hair, curly hair, and treated hair.Whichever category your hair fits into is the shampoo you should choose.Make sure you also choose a matching conditioner, because this will help your hair stay in better condition.

Conditioner is important because it smoothes out tangles in your hair, and it also moisturizes your hair and removes unnecessary oils without stripping TOO much of your hair's natural oils.If you use a harsh shampoo or conditioner that strips away too much oil, your oil glands will get the wrong message.They'll begin to produce MORE oil to compensate.With long hair, that oil will never get distributed evenly over your hair.If your hair is thick, it might even kind of "get caught" at the top of your head.

The best solution is to try to only wash your hair every other day.Even every third day won't hurt it.Yes, at first your hair will look greasy and flat when you go from washing everyday to every other day, but it will adjust and begin to produce less oil.Then, the top of your head won't be soaked in oil while the bottom is dry.

When you're washing your hair, make sure that you put shampoo all the way down your hair, not only at the top of your head.It's your scalp that you mainly need to wash, but all of your hair needs a little soap.Make sure you rinse your shampoo thoroughly.

For conditioner, you'll want to concentrate on the ends.You don't want this to go into your scalp too much; you want it mostly on your hair.Grab your hair in kind of a "side ponytail" and put conditioner all through it, starting at the nape of your neck.You should only condition the hair towards the root once a week, while you should condition the rest of the hair each time you shampoo.Make sure you rinse your conditioner very thoroughly.If you take a bath (as opposed to a shower), turn on the faucet and let your hair run underneath that for a minute, to make sure you really get all the conditioner out.

Don't use too many styling products.If you must use mousse, or even leave-in conditioner, concentrate on the ends.Try to keep the products away from your scalp as much as possible.These products can clog the oil glands and cause all sorts of problems.

Comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb only when it's wet.This will help to get the water out of your hair.If you want to blow dry, comb it through first to get a lot of the water out of it.The longer and thicker your hair is, the more sponge-like it behaves.Then, with the blow drier, concentrate on the middle and ends of your hair first.Dry the hair closest to your scalp last.This is especially important if your hair is thick, because if you try to dry all your hair at once (possible with shorter hair), you'll end up with nearly fried roots and practically soaking wet ends.Use a brush to help you.Lift your hair up with the brush and blow-dry both the top and the underside of the longer part of your hair.

When your brush your hair, be careful not to give it too much volume if it's already thick.Long, thick hair that is brushed on its underside ends up turning into 80's Big Hair - likely not what you want.Brush it mainly on the topside, if you can help it.Long hair doesn't usually look great if it's big, because there's just too much of it.

You're likely going to have to brush your hair more often than someone with shorter hair, because your hair will blow around and get tangled up pretty easily.Carry a small brush with wide, plastic bristles that you can use to brush your hair when you need to.Don't EVER let your hair dry naturally (it will get very tangled and messy, even if you used conditioner) and then go out and let the wind blow it around without brushing it first.It will get incredibly tangled and knotted, and be difficult to brush out.ALWAYS brush out your hair whenever you notice it's getting pretty tangled.

Make sure to check your ends every few weeks.They may split and need a trim.You can actually trim longer hair yourself, as long as you're careful about it.Make sure you do trim it, or it might stop growing (or at least look kind of raggedy at the ends).The ends will begin to look raggedy and split a LOT faster when your hair's long than it does when it's shorter, so always pay attention to the ends.

One more tip - if you don't like your hair down, and you end up putting it up every morning, especially if it's wet, you might not want to keep it long.It's not good for your hair to be put up all the time.If you find you never like it hanging down and getting everywhere, why not get a haircut?

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