All about Caroline Hwang

Combining her potpourri of talents, Caroline Hwang makes full use of her distinct style that serves as a fashion artist rather that a fashion designer.

Born in Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Hwang was raised in a Korean immigrant family and found comfort in novels during her years in suburbia.Her love for literacy eventually led her the University of Pennsylvania and then to New York University where she received a Masters of Fine Arts in creative writing.Utilizing her talent as a writer, she began to enter the world of fashion and lifestyle.Her works began to be published in notable lifestyle magazines such as Glamour, Redbook, Mademoiselle, Self and Cosmopolitan.She then worked as an editor for numerous magazines including Good Housekeeping.Soon enough, she fused her abilities as a writer, artist and fashion lover to create literary laced accessories like T-shirts, handbags, coin purses and various prints.

Caroline Hwang's crafty know-how is finely portrayed in her handmade accessories that contain comforting nostalgia.By means of mixing the aesthetic mediums of sewing, silk-screening, stitching, quilting and everything in between, Hwang creates products that are reminiscently homey.For the most part, each individual item is handmade with detail and contains a considerable amount of heart.Since many items are individually characteristic, they are available as limited editions.

In assembling these various works of art, there is an apparent portrayal of various inspirations that Hwang has garnered.Her creativity stems from a variety of muses such as film, music, graphic arts and everyday crafts. Each product shines with a pleasurable animated quality, yet it maintains the dignity of true art.The assortment of accessories provided by Hwang serve as true artistic outlet in that they are visual pieces of poetry.In particular, many of her pieces explore the endless trials of the human condition, such as relationship difficulties and the undeniable emotions of self-reflection.Prints like her "What are your intentions?" shirt provide a tongue-in-cheek look at the consequences of suicide through pensive light-heartedness.Another prominent feature that seems to stand out in her pieces is the old fashioned story-telling elements of a quilt.Like a puzzle, her works piece together into a marvelous piece that she makes universal in meaning and in functionality.Some of her pieces have the option to be implemented on a shirt, purse or a standalone print. Her use of everyday items such as buttons, dinner napkins and wallpaper provide material for very interesting works that carry a significant amount of sensitivity.Needless to say, Hwang makes the most use out of unexpected items and her sketches to convey extreme raw emotion.

Just as she incorporates her writing into her fashion, she also incorporates her fashion knowledge into her writing.In her debut novel, "In Full Bloom", Hwang tells the story of Ginger Lee, a fashion magazine editor who struggles relationships with men, her family and her own emotions.

Caroline Hwang's different style stands out in a world of edgy modernism.Her prints contain a crafty home-style trait that emulates a huge amount of her personality.Not only does she use her writing as a voice, she also ingeniously showcases a narrative of human emotion through her fashion.As a multi-talented artist, Hwang's work provides a fun take on various accessories that are extremely unassuming, but full of soul.

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