How Is Carpet Cleaned After Smoke Damage?

How is carpet cleaned after smoke damage? Now in the case of smoke damage, what really matters is what burned in the fire. Now in the case of a fire, what really matters is what burned. If a lot of plastic...

Now in the case of a fire, what really matters is what burned. If a lot of plastic burned, then there is a lot of oil residue in the carpet, and it is much harder to clean up than if it was a wood or a structure fire only. If there was an electrical fire, this actually magnetizes and a lot of that would create some issues. The fire or smoke damage is a little different. It also depends on how hot it was and how severe it was. If somebody just burned the chicken soup on the stove and it was just smoke damage, then all that is really involved is a good thorough cleaning and deodorizing. If they actually caught the stove on fire, now the carpet may have silt that was ground in, walked on and may not be cleanable anymore. There are many times in those cases where the restoration contractor has to approach it from a "let's clean and see approach", because obviously cleaning is the first choice before replacement. The consumer may often want a brand new one, but if they can go in and clean it and make it as good as new, that is best. Sometimes you don't know that until you try. Many insurance companies will go ahead and pay for a cleaning knowing that it might not work, but in hopes that there is a chance that it could.

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