Cars At Cheap Inexpensive Prices At State Auctions

State Surplus Agency auctions are the best places to find bargain prices on cars, as well as property like computers, appliances, and even homes.

Looking for the perfect gift for your grad? Try State Surplus Agency auctions where well-maintained vehicles are placed on the block for as little as $1,000 for Chevettes and $5,000 for LTD Crown Victorias. Most of the vehicles have been retired after five years and 60,000 miles. Unlike cars sold at police and sheriff's auctions, they are in excellent condition because they were not involved in car chases or driven by convicted felons. They were previously owned by government officials.

These State Surplus Agency auctions have become so popular that some states, starting with Connecticut, now sell their property in retail stores.

If a car is not your ideal gift idea, these auctions have other items, like computers and computer software, for the grad who has college on his/her list of things to do.

These auctions are also fast becoming a bargain hunter's alternative to the rising cost of living. It is common at many of these auctions to find a $600 camcorder for $80, a $1,500 Stairmaster exercise machine for $45, and a double-door refrigerator for as low as $65, among other appliances.

According to the National Auction Catalog, Dodge Rams have sold for as low as $200; a 1983 Jaguar left the lot for $3,599; even a $200,000 home in Los Angeles was recently auctioned at a $40,000 closing bid.

If you want to go home with a real deal, arrive early and stay late because the best steals are found at either the very beginning or at the very end of the auction. Premium bargains are discovered on weekdays during rainy weather. According to the pros, when your target item goes up for bid, try to place the starting bid yourself. A rule of thumb is "keep it low and go slow" and do not get caught up in the emotion of the auction.

For more valuable tips, call the American Property Network at 1-800-333-1915. Its list of scheduled auction sites nationwide is updated on a regular basis.

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