Cathedral Basilica Of The Assumption

The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis is a historical landmark. Constructed in 1907. Its huge central dome is a part of the St. Louis skyline.

The exterior of the Cathedral Basilica was designed in the Romanesque style. The massive granite walls boast rose windows and support two huge towers around the massive central dome tiled in green.

Visitors step back in time through large oak doors into a sancuary decorated in the Byzantine tradition with beautiful arches, pendentives, lunettes, soffets and mosaics.

The mosaics are made with over 41,000,000 glass tesserae tiles using almost 8,000 shades of color. The designes tell stories of faith and history. The mosaics show Christ's 12 apostles, 4 teachers of the early church, a portrayal of the Last Supper and scenes of Old Testament prophecies of Christ's coming. Other areas throughout the Cathedral contain equally stunning mosaic panels. The panels in the Blessed Vergin's Chapel of the Cathedral were created by Tiffany's of New York in Italian style and show scenes of Mary's Presentation, Annunciation, Visitation to Elizabeth and the Assumption. In total, the mosaic collections are the largest in the world and were created by 20 different artists over 83,000 square feet.

Weekly worship services and masses are held at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis and tours are open to the public.

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