What Caused The Trojan War?

What exactly started the Trojan War and what was the purpose of the Trojan Horse?

Back when the city of Troy was built, the king of Troy, at that time, asked the god Poseidon for his help in protecting Troy. The king asked Poseidon if he could build a wall around Troy that was impenetrable and would protect Troy from all foes that would otherwise try to destroy the city. In return, the king of Troy promised to compensate Poseidon for his services. But after the wall was built around the city of Troy, by Poseidon, the king refused to compensate the God for his work. So the god Poseidon withdrew his protection of the city and left Troy vulnerable to any attacks.

Many years later, the serving queen of Troy had a dream about the destruction of her city. She dreamed that her unborn child would destroy Troy. After the birth of her baby boy, she was foretold by a prophet that her son, Paris would grow up to destroy the city of Troy. For fear that the prophecy told to her would come true, the queen abandoned her son, Paris in a field. But the baby did not die. The infant was saved by nearby shepherds who raised Paris as their own. Paris grew up to be a shepherd and eventually worked for the queen in the city of Troy. Neither knew who the other one was.

At one of the queen's parties, in which the gods were always invited, the god Zeus called upon Paris to judge the beauty of the three Goddesses, Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. The three were arguing as to who was the most beautiful. They each promised and tried to bribe Paris into choosing them. Paris choose Aphrodite for she promised him the possession of Helen of Sparta's love. Helen of Sparta was Menelaos' wife. It was here that Paris was also told of his true heritage.

So Paris went to Troy and claimed his right as the true Prince. Then he went off to Sparta, seduced and abducted Helen and returned to Troy. When Menelaos found out what had happened, he vowed to conquer Troy. With the help of Athena, who wanted revenge on Paris, Menelaos tried for nine years to penetrate Troy's wall. The Trojan War continued until Athena gave the warriors a plan.

The next morning, the Trojans found all of Menelaos' warriors had disappeared and all but one injured man and a large wooden horse were left. The Trojans brought the man and the horse inside and the man told a tale of how the warriors had built the horse to honor Athena because they had angered her. Then he said they all fled in fear of her. The Trojans wanted very much to please the angered Goddess so they left the horse in the center of the city. That night, Menelaos' warriors crept out of the wooden horse and killed all but a few people.

The city of Troy was destroyed just as the prophecy had stated. Paris had caused the Trojan War and brought the city to its destruction.

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