What Causes Permanent Marks On The Finish Of Vehicles?

What causes permanent marks on the finish of vehicles? It depends on a couple of things. Number one, obviously, it depends on what's in the air. It depends on a couple of things. Number one, obviously,...

It depends on a couple of things. Number one, obviously, it depends on what's in the air. Acid rain is a real factor. Acid rain is more concentrated the closer you get to the East Coast. It can also come from a sprinkler system. You park your car, you go in for lunch, you come out and realize that the sprinkler has been on with the sun shining on your car and now you have water marks on your car. It is probably because there are very hard mineral deposits in the water that are now on your paint finish and it can do serious damage to your paint finish if you don't get it off rather quickly.

People think if they wax their car really well they won't have that problem, but that's not necessarily true because some waxes repel water and other types of wax products cause the surface to bead water. In the summertime what happens is each of those little beads of water becomes like a magnifying glass and strengthens the rays of the sun. That is not a big problem if the water is clear, but if the water has mineral deposits and has acid rain deposits in it then you got a real problem.

Bird droppings are the same. It very much depends on the diet of the bird. Sometimes the bird droppings don't do a lot of damage, other times, within hours they can etch into the paint finish. The key factor is to remove anything foreign from your paint finish right away.

We have a product specifically formulated for that called Quick Detailer and you just carry it in your car with some towels. When something lands on your finish you just spray it on and wipe it off and you prevent any real damage from happening to your paint finish.

How does one remove road grime from cars?

We have a tar and bug remover product. The easiest way to remove road tar and bugs has always been to use very aggressive solvents, which are damaging to the finish of your car and can also be dangerous to you as a person. They are actually carcinogenic. There were a lot of these on the market before regulations came about prohibiting them. And they worked really well and were inexpensive.

When you are using more benign type chemicals, you are not going to get the instant reaction, but we have a product that is amazingly affective and you are completely safe. It is not hazardous to yourself or to the paint finish and works really well. Just spray it on and wipe it off.

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