What Causes Pimples On Your Scalp?

What causes pimples on your scalp? Scalp pimples, head acne, or acne necrotica miliaris, is caused by oil glands of the hair follicles and can be treated with tar shampoo or Selsun Blue shampoo. In many...

In many cases those are actually little inflammatory areas around the hair follicles, and they are called acne necrotica miliaris, which are pimples on the scalp that are really different from the pimples on the face. The pimples on the face are associated with the oil glands that open directly on the surface of the skin. The oil glands open into the hair follicles, and you will get a little inflammation around the hair follicle. In those cases, many times just one of the ordinary medicated shampoos - I recommend tar shampoo or Selsun Blue or something like that - will control it very nicely. They are not true pimples like pimples on the face. It's more of folliculitis or inflammation of the hair follicle.

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