CD Data Base: Inventory Your Music

Use a collectible cd data base or an inventory system to list, locate, and sort your music collection. Let your computor help you organize your CD's, records, tapes, or what have you.

So you have got this bunch of music cds that you have collected for years. Every now and then you look at then and think, "I've got to get these things in some kind of order. Find out just exacatly what I own."

It doesn't matter what kind of music you collect, there is an inventory system suited for you. If you prefer classical recordings, you can get a system that lets you find every piece by a particular conductor, or by a particular symphany orchestra.

If you are a rock and roll fan you can sort by artist, group, or type. If you own a collection that includes several different types of music--Great! There is no problem keeping track of diverse types of recordings.

Got some really old 45's, or 78's? Might have something valuable there, and it would be worth your time and effort to list all your oldies and exactly who the singers, instrumentalists, or bands are. Do you have music on tape? No problem, all forms can be accomodated.

"Okay", you say. "Where do I find an inventory system?" Well, you may find one at your favorite computor store. Take a look next time you visit. Ask a clerk what they have. But since you are sitting at your computor reading this, why not take a look around the Net? Look for music inventory or CD inventory. Take a look at sites that have freeware or shareware.

Some of these sites will let you look at actual pages of their system, so you can see how the data is organized. Others may have a simplified version you can download from the Net for a trail run. If you don't like to download from the Net, most of these companies have a CD you can get through the mail.

Telephone companies used to tell you to let your fingers do the walking, now you can let your computor bring the world to your screen. Do it the easy way--do it on your computor.

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