Celebrity Fashion: The Hair Styles And Jewelry Of Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci natural beauty is seen with her barely there jewelry and hassle free hair styles. She dazzles the world with her simplicity.

Christina Ricci has come a long way from the little girl we knew as Wednesday in the Addams Family.In the past her critics have commented on her sloppy dresses and gothic ways, however, over the past few years she has been complimented on her well-chosen attire.She has made the smooth transition from child start to adult actress successfully.Christina is able to keep her hair carefree and her jewelry to the bare minimum, yet she still comes out looking simply beautiful.

Most will remember Christina with stringy hair and dressed all in black in her younger years.Although she still seems to wear a lot of black, which looks stunning on her, the 24-year-old actress is able to pull off any color she puts on.Her hair has gone from black to blonde, to brown with red highlights, however mostly photographed as a brunette Christina displays them all perfectly.

Christina is known for wearing simple ponytails.

This can be achieved by following these easy steps:

1. Straighten your hair with a blow dryer (use a straightening balm if hair is wavy).

2. Gather all hair at the nape of the neck; let it lay loosely to your neck. (This is not a high ponytail)

3. Secure with an elastic or clip of your choice.

For another simple style like Christina's without the hassle of straightening your wavy hair try this:

1. Wash and blow-dry your hair with your head tipped upside down.

2. Use some type of gel or mouse and scrunch hair between fingers making it accentuate the curls.

3. Take both hands and pull up the sides of your hair, leaving some down in the back.

4. Secure in the back with a clip of your choice.

5. Let some curls fall down around your face.

Christina often has her bangs grown out and layered.She either tucks them behind her ears or lets them fall down into her face.Both ways look good on her.Her hair length varies between mid back to just below the shoulders.Sometimes wavy and other times very straight.Recently she was spotted wearing a classic bob cut just below the ears, with blonde highlights.

Christina has been photographed wearing no jewelry at all, or very little.Her neckline is so radiant that attention is drawn to it without the use of a necklace.If photographed wearing any jewelry, it is usually very simple earrings, or a dainty bracelet and necklace to match.She dazzled the red carpet at the 2004 Golden Globes this year wearing elegant diamond studs and a beautiful black watch with a tennis bracelet. Less was definitely more and was very effective in her over all look.

I think we can all agree that Christina's beauty is shown through her accented features and her natural ways.Whether her hair is pulled back and sleek, or tussled and wavy, this girl can wow the crowd any day.Watching her mature on screen from the teen in Casper to the young woman with blonde curls in Sleepy Hollow has been a pleasure.Christina's simplicity to say the very least is bold and refreshing.She has come a long way indeed!

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