What Is Cellulite And How Do You Remove It?

Cellulite is the layer of fat between our muscles and skin and there are several ways you can choose to reduce it.

Cellulite is quite simply the layer of fat between our muscles and skin.We all have that layer of fat, but some of us have a thicker layer than others.It is when we are storing just a bit too much body fat in the thigh area that we begin to see the dimples caused by it. Unfortunately, men don't generally have cellulite problems because the strands of connective tissue in their legs run in a crosswise pattern rather than the honeycomb pattern that women have.It is the honeycomb pattern that allows for the small bulges we know as cellulite.

The only way to get rid of cellulite is to get rid of excess body fat.Since spot reduction is a myth and we can not isolate certain areas of the body with exercises in order to reduce their stored fat, then we must reduce overall body fat.There are several ways to get rid of body fat.We can approach the problem surgically with liposuction, non-surgically with mesotherapy (injection of a solution, just under the skin, that supposedly "melts" away the fat) and the traditional approach of combining diet and exercise to lose overall body fat.Now if you don't care to go under the knife, get a series of injections or your current diet and exercise regimen doesn't seem to be doing the trick, I'll provide you with some information that may help you to at least reduce the appearance of those puckers we all know and hate.

The first thing to do is to accept the laws of nature.Since our bodies change with age, fighting cellulite as we get older becomes even more difficult.The average woman, unless she is diligent about proper nutrition and exercise, loses approximately five pounds of muscle and replaces it with about fifteen pounds of fat every ten years of her adult life.Considering that, it is far better to gain control of your cellulite situation now so that you aren't fighting an uphill battle as years go by.

The non-surgical approaches to reducing the appearance of cellulite are fairly simple.You can shrink it out, burn it off or massage it away.

Shrinking it out requires the combination of proper nutrition and exercise to reduce overall body fat, thereby reducing the fat stores in your legs and eliminating those nasty dimples.Proper nutrition requires the appropriate balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.If you don't balance these three macronutrients properly, you'll only lose muscle.If you lose muscle tissue, then your fat to muscle ratio will be even greater and the cellulite problem will become even more apparent.If you combine regular aerobic exercises like biking, walking or stair climbing with regular muscle building exercises like strength training while insuring that you take in fewer calories than you burn, then you'll create a calorie deficit and lose weight.The key is to insure that the weight you are losing is only fat and not muscle weight.Remember to never go below 1200 calories per day and to take in at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight per day.(This should spare your muscle tissue and force the weight loss to come from stored fats.)It is never recommended to lose more than 3 pounds of body weight per week.If you are losing more than three pounds per week then you are either following a doctor supervised weight loss plan or losing muscle.

Burning cellulite off means the incorporation of regular exercise into your daily routine in order to reduce body fat.Perhaps your current nutritional program is a good one.If you already have that under control then you'll just need to incorporate strength training and aerobic exercise to create a foundation of smooth muscle for your fat to rest on.If we create smooth muscle underneath those dimples, they too will smooth out.

Massaging cellulite away involves using the currently available over-the counter creams.Whenever our bodies store fat, there is also slight edema (water retention) in the storage areas.These creams target that water to hopefully eliminate it, reducing the size of the fat cells and hopefully reducing the appearance of cellulite.These products are not inexpensive.There are reputable cosmetics companies that are creating products that contain active ingredients such as antioxidants and vasodilators that help to shrink fat cells and allowing them to spread sideways instead of dimpling out.These creams will not work for everyone and research on these products is still in the beginning stage.If you do try them, remember that they take time to work and allowing six to eight weeks to see improvement is not unreasonable.

Cellulite is fat.All women have the common bond of cellulite but each must approach the problem in their own individual way.Whether you choose to suck it out, melt it out, shrink it, burn it or massage it away, good luck!

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