Central Air Conditioning Maintenance

Central air conditioning maintenance and simple trouble shooting.

The first thing you should do every year is get a tuneup on your central AC. These are very inexpensive and can save you lots of money down the road. This is the biggest step you can take to prevent major malfunctions in your AC unit. Above and beyond that, keeping the condenser unit clear of leaves and debris is very important and should be checked once a month. The condenser looks like a car radiator and is located in the outside unit. Hosing this down once a month, and keeping shrubbery clear, keeps the airflow strong. Also, be sure to change the filter at the inside unit several times per season, once a month would be great!

OK so you've done all that, and your unit still doesn't work? If your AC is running but not cooling, check for a blockages at the condensing unit, look for a clogged filter or blower that's not blowing. If everything looks good, you may need refrigerant which must be done by a professional.

Is your AC cycling on and off too often? Check airflow, filter, blower and thermostat. If all is well, you could have a defective thermostat. If your system won't run at all, Check your circuit breakers,main power switch and thermostat. The thermostat needs to be set below room temperature for it to click on.

If everything is set correctly, but the AC still doesn't work you could have a problem with the power source and this must be checked by a professional.

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