Who Is the CEO of Safe Auto?

By Christian Garcia

  • Overview

    Who Is the CEO of Safe Auto?
    SafeAuto is best known for its catchy jingles and slogans used in its ad campaigns. It is a private company specializing in auto insurance, and due to the attractive nature its offered insurance policies a popular choice in the areas it operates in.
  • History

    SafeAuto is an auto insurance and finance company founded in 1992 and currently based in Columbus, Ohio. The business has grown over the years, being manned from only a few people to a large enterprise employing hundreds of professionals manning phone lines. The company started out only serving the state of Ohio, but quickly spread to serve 13 other neighboring states, due to the attractive insurance model offered.
  • Current CEO

    The SafeAuto company was founded by Jonathan Diamond and brother-in-law Ari Deshe. As of February 2009, Deshe is the CEO and chairman while Diamond serves as president. Deshe also serves as a director for Retail Ventures, a holding company that operates various retail stores. Prior to his founding of SafeAuto, Deshe held the role of president of a company known as Employee Benefit Systems from 1982 to 1992. The role of president and CEO may seem interchangeable, but the main difference between the two roles is that the CEO usually acts as liaison between the company and its shareholders, while the president is responsible for the company's operation.

  • Areas of Operation

    SafeAuto currently serves 14 states, including its home state of Ohio: Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri. In addition to its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, it also has satellite offices in South Carolina and Kentucky, and employs an estimated 1,100 people.
  • Services

    The company offers what it refers to as direct-to-consumer auto insurance, meaning that it does not use any third-party entity to refer customers to it. Instead, it appeals directly to potential clients through various media, such as television and radio, to save money on overhead. StateAuto offers low-cost insurance by specializing in the minimum requirements required for insurance by state law, as lower liability insurance usually carries lower fees than higher limit ones. This may or may not be beneficial to the customer, since while it may be cheaper it also carries less coverage for accidents. The company does offer a larger range of insurance, however, from the bare minimum to comprehensive collision.
  • Media

    SafeAuto employs many memorable jingles and tunes in its ad campaigns, whether on television or radio. This includes the slogan, "We keep you legal for less!" as a reflection of its business model, and the jingle, "Pick up the phone the call is free, 1-800-SAFEAUTO! Play it safe, SAFEAUTO!" It also airs various commercials, ranging from informative to comedic.
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