What Do Certified Nursing Assistants Do?

Certified nursing assistant's are always in demand. Consider these job responsibilities and see whether or not it is the job for you.

The job of a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is as varied as any other employment. It often depends on where you work and what your primary interests are.

From the traditional nursing home position to a more varied job at a hospital, both places offer chances to learn more about the field and if, perhaps, continuing on in the nursing field with further education might be for you.

The typical role of a CNA involves the custodial care of patients or residents of various facilities. In fact, the training of the CNA specifically teaches these skills in classes so this is the bulk of the job.

Primary duties include helping people with their Activities of Daily Living, often referred to as ADL's. And these are extremely important tasks to be assisting with. They may seem meaningless to some people but they are of the utmost in importance to the people receiving the care and their families who care about them.

These ADL's include basic routines such as bathing, dressing, eating, trips to the rest room, hair care and brushing teeth. Beyond that there are the other activities of the day that people engage in such as games, reading and watching TV.

In a nursing home or residential facility, you care for the elderly or any-aged disabled person. The basic tasks will be the main part of your job. Remembering how important these functions are to the people you care for makes the job a whole lot more fun. And often, the residents of such facilities are such a joy to be around you will look forward to everyday, even with the intense work of the position.

In a hospital you might be doing additional work as a unit secretary. On a medical/surgical floor you may be keeping track of records as patients come and go off your floor, and connecting nurses with doctors as they bustle about their day tending to everyone in need.

You may also learn about operating the phone and speaker system so you can be as multitask oriented as possible. The more you know the better for everyone and the more job stability you will have.

Charting will be a very important task at any CNA job you hold, for written documentation has legal importance should anything happen to one of your patients.

In some cases you will also help the nurses with various tasks. For instance, if they need help changing a bandage on a patient, your assistance will be vital. You will also be the one called for if medication is required or some other medical situation is arising. It will then be your job to find that patient's nurse promptly.

The job of a CNA is demanding but incredibly fulfilling. For someone looking for a challenge and a job involving people contact, this is definitely one to consider.

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