How To Change A Flat Tire On A Car

It's something every driver should know how to do before hitting the road, but many don't know how to change a flat tire. Here's how to do it.

Getting a flat tire on a car is a very common thing that could happen to even the nicest of cars. And changing that flat tire is something you should know how to do in case you are stranded somewhere where you cannot get help.

As long as you have the spare tire, car jack, crowbar, and tool to take off and tighten the lug nuts (all items that every car should have), then changing a flat tire is very simple.

First, you need to set the jack up under a solid part of the side of the car, usually next to the flat tire toward the middle of the car. In other words, if it's the front right tire or the back left tire, the jack will be set up just to the left of the tire as you are looking at it. If it's the front left tire or the back right tire, the jack will be set up just to the right of the tire as you are looking at it. Get it set up so that it's jacked firmly against the underside of the car, but do not raise the car off the ground yet.

Now you need to pry the hubcap off. You should have a crowbar with all of your spare tire equipment, or sometimes it's the other end of the lug nut tool. Once you get the hubcap off, you need to take off the lug nuts with the tool provided. Make sure you keep your feet out from under the tire and car at all times.

Next, you need to jack the car up. Jack it up just enough so that the tire is off the ground and you can slide it off. There is no need to jack up the car any more than necessary.

Take the old tire off, put the new tire on, tighten the lug nuts a bit, then lower the tire and finish tightening the lug nuts until you can't turn them anymore. Next put the hubcap back on, then carefully lower the car down with the jack until the jack can be easily slid out from underneath the car. If it's a small, temporary spare tire that you put on, you will want to get a full-sized tire put on as soon as possible. If it's a full-sized spare tire you put on, you will need to buy a spare tire to replace what you just put on. In either case, after changing the tire, get to a service station as soon as possible and ask them to make sure the lug nuts are tight enough. It may cost a few dollars, but better to be safe then sorry.

With cell phones and auto services available today, many people don't worry about knowing how to change a tire. But you never know when you might be caught on an old country road or in the middle of nowhere where help isn't as readily available as you are used to. Knowing how to change a tire is vital to being on the road.

Note: If you have your car's manual, it should explain how to change a flat tire specifically for your car.

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