Change A Flat Tire In No Time!

Change a flat tire in no time with these tips!

You can't always rely on calling your auto club, especially if you're out in the middle of nowhere and your cell phone doesn't work. You can be prepared and be safe, instead of being left stranded bt following the instructions in this article.

The first thing to remember when you are driving and you experience a flat tire, is to immediately slow down the speed of your car and steer the car safely off of the roadway. Keep in mind that a blown tire interferes with the car's steering and proper handling, especially if the blown tire is one of the front tires. As soon as you realize that your car has a flat tire, firmly grab and hold onto the steering wheel until you can get the car off of the road in a safe area and get it stopped.

Next, you must remember to get your car completely off of the roadway. Try to turn onto a side street, or into a parking lot. Also keep in mind that your car must be parked on a level area so you can safely change the tire.

Turn the car off, and immediately turn your car's

emergency flashers on and apply the parking brake. Using the emergency flashers will make your disabled car more visible, especially at night. Another good idea is to light a couple of road flares. Place the flares a safe distance, about twenty feet apart, behind your car so cars coming up on you will see them and have time to slow down.

Your next step is to get the necessary tools out of the trunk of your car. You will need a good spare tire, a tire iron, and the car's jack.

Using the tire iron,carefully pry the hubcap off and set it aside. Loosen the lugnuts on the tire before you jack the car up, and loosen them in order. That is, loosen one, then the lugnut diagonally opposite to it, then the next, and so on. Do not remove the lugnuts at this point, merely loosen them.

Next, use the car jack to carefully raise the front or rear end of the car. You will need to raise the car high enough so that you can remove the flat tire from the vehicle. If you are not sure how to properly use the jack, read and follow the manufacturer's instructions. There are several types of jacks and different ways to use them.

Next, remove the lugnuts and lay them inside the hubcap. Then, remove the flat tire from the car. Place the spare tire onto the hub, making sure to align the holes in the tire to the studs that are sticking out. Remember to place the tire on with the air valve facing towards you. If you do not see the air valve, you have put the tire on backwards. Then, replace the lugnuts and tighten them finger-tight in the same fashion in which you loosened them.

Finally, slowly lower the jack all the way down. Now, using the tire iron, tighten all of the lugnuts. Make sure they are all tightened securely. Replace the hubcap and place the flat tire and your tools back into the trunk, and remove the road flares if you used some.

Don't forget to have the flat tire repaired or replaced just as soon as possible and place it back in the trunk so you will be prepared for your next flat tire!

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