How to Change a House Alarm Battery

By Chad Buleen

  • Overview

    When the battery on most house alarms starts to lose strength, a message that reads something like "Call technician to replace battery" often displays itself on the main panel. While a person could easily call the technician who installed the system to replace the battery, there is often going to be a fairly steep price to pay for some simple work.
    • Step 1

      Remove the front panel. The house alarm battery will be located behind the cover of the main panel. However, once the cover is removed, replacing the battery is not as simple as popping out the old one and putting a new one in its place. A person opening up this panel will likely see the battery as well as as two cables in front of it.
    • Step 2

      If the person who installed the house alarm battery in the first place left an engineer's code with the homeowner, he is going to want to enter in this code before unclipping the cables. Doing this will temporarily disable the alarm and allow the person replacing the batteries to unclip the cables without tripping the alarm. However, if the engineer's code is not accessible, the best thing for a person to do is cover up the speaker so that the alarm is not too loud when it sounds.

    • Step 3

      Cut the power supply to the main panel. If there is not another person to help out and there is no access to an engineer's code, the best thing to do is shut off the power supply to the panel at the breaker box. After the new battery has been installed, do not forget to turn the power back on.
    • Step 4

      Put the new battery in its place and replace the cables that were removed. On many models, the alarm will stop blaring once the cables are put back into place. However, an error message will display in some models that says something like "Open Zone" or "Tamper." If the engineer's code was used in the first place, it is unlikely this message will appear, but if a person is trying to change the battery without the code, there is a good chance the alarm will continue to sound.
    • Step 5

      If the alarm continues to sound after the cables have been put back into place, check to make sure that the main panel tamper switch has been pushed back into place. The tamper switch should have a spring next to it. When the cover is put back into place, the spring should push on the tamper switch. If the alarm is still sounding, make sure that the cover is lining up with the spring so that the spring is able to push on the tamper switch to silence the house alarm.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Tip: Look in the owner's manual to find out which house alarm battery should be used. These batteries are not the same kinds of batteries that are typically found in devices in a home. They cannot be purchased at grocery stores, but can be found at do-it-yourself stores.
    • Warning:
    • A person should not try to change the batteries if he does not have somebody to help him muffle the sound from the alarm. Most alarms are louder than 100 decibels and could cause damage to the eardrums of the person who is near it for more than a couple of minutes.

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