How to Change HP Printer Cartridges

By Diane Dilov-Schultheis

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    HP printers are one of the most well liked printers for personal and business printing around the globe. One of the essential elements with these printers is the ink cartridge. Learn how to change the ink cartridge so that you can continue to print. It's a relatively easy process that can be completed easily in a few steps.
    How to Change HP Printer Cartridges
    • Step 1

      Find your specific HP printer make and model number information. It is crucial to know the exact name and model number of your printer to acquire the printer ink cartridge needed. The easiest means to accomplish this is to check the HP printer. Most will have this data in plain sight. It normally begins with "hp," followed by the name and model (or series) number. Make note of this information.
    • Step 2

      Purchase the right cartridge for your HP printer. You can look at your owner's manual for the specific printer ink cartridge(s) it needs. You can also check which HP cartridge is required by looking at the one being used, if there are cartridges already in it. It will generally have the HP cartridge number clearly visible. Most printers will have a single black ink cartridge and one tri-color cartridge.

    • Step 3

      Take out the old HP printer ink cartridge. Open the cover over the ink cartridges on the printer. The cartridges will move to the middle and stop. Unlock the particular color you are changing by gently lifting up the lever holding it in place. Remove the old ink cartridge by gently pulling back and up on it until it comes out.
    • Step 4

      Remove the new HP cartridge from its box and bag. You can make use of the bag to put the previous ink cartridge in for disposal. Remove any protective cover on the new ink cartridge. Slide the new cartridge into the open slot. Do this at a slight angle and push it back until you can easily close the lever over it. Close the cover on the printer.
    • Step 5

      Reset the ink monitor. You may be asked if you have recently changed a printer cartridge once you do. Follow the instructions provided to reset the monitor. This step may not be required for all HP printer cartridge changes.
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    • Tip: You can use the printer name and model number to find the right HP printer cartridges, if you do not have a cartridge or manual to check. Go to the HP website (see Resources below) to find which cartridges are required.

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