How to Change Ink Cartridges for a Canon I560 Printer

By Robert Vaux

  • Overview

    The Canon I560 is a discontinued printer. Originally designed for the home market, it has since been supplanted by the Pixma line and other, more modern printers. Ink cartridges for the I560--called BCI3 or BCI6 cartridges--are still being sold, but they can be difficult to find in some places and may eventually be discontinued as well. However, if your printer is still working, there's no need to buy a new one just because you can't find a single cartridge full of ink. Ink refill kits can allow you to refill the same cartridge over and over again, ensuring that your printing doesn't stop just because your printer is no longer supported.
    • Step 1

      Take the empty cartridge out of the I560 printer. You can detach it from the frame simply by depressing the tab on its side.
    • Step 2

      Use the outlet seal that came with the cartridge to cover the outlet hole. You can keep it in place with a tight rubber band stretched around the cartridge. If you don't have the outlet seal, just place your finger over the outlet hole and hold it tight. That will keep the ink from leaking out while you work. (Wear rubber gloves if you don't want a little ink stain on your finger.)

    • Step 3

      Remove the label on top of the cartridge to reveal the sealing ball beneath it. Push the sealing ball on top of the cartridge down into the inkwell using an L-tool provided in many ink refill kits. If you don't have an L-tool, you can emulate it first by creating a guide-hole in the ball with a safety pin (push the pin down into the ball 2 or 3 mm), screwing a tiny screw eye into it and then gently pulling it clear of the cartridge. Alternately, you can simply create your own hole using a drill and a 3 mm bit, positioned just above or below the sealing ball's hole.
    • Step 4

      Take the syringe or ink bottle corresponding to the color your need from the ink refill kit. Printer inks come in 4 colors: black, cyan, yellow and magenta. Make sure the replacement ink corresponds to the cartridge you are refilling.
    • Step 5

      Slide the needle or the syringe tip into the hole left by the sealing ball or the one you have drilled. Slowly fill the cartridge's inkwell with ink, taking care not to overflow. Black cartridges for the I560 typically carry 13 ml worth of ink, while the other 3 cartridges carry 6 ml apiece. (BCI cartridges usually have clear sides, so you can monitor the levels of ink as you go.)
    • Step 6

      Replace the sealing ball with the L-tool, or squeeze it back into place with the screw eye. You should be able to leave the screw-eye in place for the next time you need to refill the cartridge. If you drilled a hole in the inkwell, seal it with a bit of hot glue. (You need the inkwell to be airtight; otherwise, it will leak out all the ink and make a big mess.)
    • Step 7

      Take your finger away from the outlet hole or take the seal away by removing the rubber band. Quickly replace the cartridge in the printer.
    • Step 8

      Run a cleaning cycle through the printer and begin printing as normal.
    • Skill: Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • Empty BCI3 or BCI6 cartridge
    • Ink refill kit
    • Hot glue gun
    • Newspapers
    • Gloves
    • Drill and 3 mm bit
    • Rubber band
    • Safety pin
    • Tiny screw eye
    • Tip: You may find cartridges beyond the BCI3 and BCI6 series which are compatible for Canon I560 printers. You should be able to use these instructions equally well, but be prepared to make small adjustments as needed.
    • Warning:
    • Because cartridges for I560 printers run a greater chance of leaking than other kinds of cartridges, you may wish to lay some newspaper down in the area where you work and wear old clothes that won't be damaged by ink stains.

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