How To Change A Printer's Toner Cartridge

Find out the necessary steps ahead of time so you're ready when you have to replace your computer printer's toner cartridge,

Computer equipment requires routine maintenance like any other appliance you might use at home. The printer operates electronically, but also requires the use of a toner cartridge, which provides the ink needed to print clear, crisp copies. To make you're your important documents don't print too light or in unreadable form, learn how to change the toner cartridge at the first signs of fading or blurred copies.

First, find out which type of cartridge your printer uses. Within brand names there can be sub-types for various printer styles. Sometimes the type needed by your printer can vary by a single letter or digit, such as the 312 versus the 312L model. Some models come in two sizes, one for fewer copies and the other for more. Naturally, there is a price difference with the latter costing more money, but the advantage is that it will last longer and postpone a shopping trip for a replacement.

Beware of Internet toner offers that promise prompt delivery or low prices with as much as a seventy-five percent discount. Such offers typically include a limited supply of certain brands and may not have the type you need. Printer cartridges can be expensive, so ask your local office supply store about upcoming sales, discounts, or rebates. Don't forget to keep purchase records for your home office tax deduction. When your current toner starts to run low, or when supplies go on sale, purchase a new one or exchange your old cartridge for a refill at reduced cost. Check the yellow pages to find toner replacement centers in your area, and call ahead to be sure the plan is still active.

When you have purchased the replacement toner, don't open the package until you're ready to discard the old one. To begin the process, open your computer printer's interior panel, often located in the front of the machine. Look for the cartridge handle inside. If you don't know where this is, check the instruction book that should have accompanied the printer when you bought it. When you locate the handle, gently tug out and up to remove the old cartridge. Be careful not to bang it, and handle with care, as it may be hot. Have a bag, box, or newspaper ready in which you can place the old cartridge. Some office supply stores will exchange used cartridges for a ream of paper or a coupon, so ask about this program if you are interested. Otherwise, discard the cartridge carefully so that you don't spill or smear the ink.

Open the new cartridge package, taking care not to tip it so ink will run out or smudge any surface on the desk or the equipment that it comes in contact with. Using reverse directions, insert the new toner cartridge inside the printer where the old one was located until it fits snugly. Then close the printer and you're ready to print.

Replacing the toner cartridge is a simple task compared to other types of maintenance a computer might need. Take good care of the printer and it will provide thousands of copies for years to come!

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